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What Drives Us

Mission & vision

Our mission is to link surplus with needs, promote naturally abundant renewable resources, and create inspirational eco-sites.

We envision humanity harmonizing with Earth. 

Mother Nature is a catalyst and always in balance
Did you know?

You shampoo because HAIR collects oil.  Help us recycle hair, fur and fleece clippings which we felt into oil spill mats.

LINKING surplus with needs diverts useful items and materials from the waste stream while creating jobs in logistics & repairs.

Adding COMPOST to grazed rangelands replenishes soil and boosts photosynthesis, pulling more carbon out of the air.

What we do:

We concentrate on the positive and implement programs that nurture a healthy planet



We enthusiastically promote recycling, reuse, and redistribution.  Our model  factory, eco-home, and edible urban garden promote climate friendly choices.  Through our global platforms, we provide environmental networks that consolidate the good news and green initiatives delivering solutions from around the world every day!



Our research, in-house educational tools and lesson plans focus on humanity’s perspectives and incentives that help reduce pollution and reverse global warming trends

Global Community

Daily, we see how humanity is  working together towards a healthier future.  We created The Hum Sum for nonprofits, businesses, governments, schools, households, and curious individuals… Everyone is welcome to join in, post questions and eco-solutions!