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Do you want to make hair mats?

Making Hair Mats: How we make hair mats… First, we start with a framework called a scrim. This uses just the longer strands, 3+ inches. Lay them out in the feeding tray before the felting machine and space them evenly. Then start up the felting machine, slowly pushing...

Can you use hair mats to clean up oil spills?

  We’ve used hair mats locally on street drains in a recent ground oil spill in San Francisco. The US Air Force is using fibers to aid in disposing of their fire retardant waste. Ski resorts over on the East Coast are using them directly under snow equipment to...

Our History & Research Documents

In 2013, Matter of Trust opened their Eco-Center in San Francisco, California and expanded the Clean Wave exhibit, demos, videos and lesson plans.  Many students have done wonderful “hair for oil spill “projects in science fairs all over the US! In 2014, Matter of...