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Welcome! This page showcases Matter of Trust’s many Clean Wave program partners around the world.

Huge thanks to all of these wonderful Eco-Heroes!

MoT Map

MoT Map
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MoT Oklahoma 2

Matter of Trust’s team over Zoom.

Matter of Trust Flagship Hub

Matter of Trust was established in 1998, founder Lisa Gautier partnered with hair mat inventor Phil McCrory in 2000. We have been growing his idea and running The Clean Wave Program ever since. Networking with salons, groomers, ranchers, felters, researchers and supporting hubs all over the world in order to keep pollutants out of waterways!

Matter of Trust’s volunteers laying out filler.

Kevin R. filling hair mat with animal fibers in Florida, US.

Matter of Trust Florida

Kevin’s felting hub is very close to Tyndall Air Force Base. He is also part of moderator team and works on  The Clean Wave Program – Matter of Trust website pages.

Oklahoma Mini Mill – Oklahoma, US

We own Oklahoma Mini Mill and are in the business of processing all types of animal and plant fibers into roving and batts for fiber artists. We have a wet felting machine (made by Belfast Mini Mills) and are familiar with needle felting, although we don’t have a machine for that. We have the space for a needle felt machine, and would like to discuss how we can add your projects to our business model.

Look at that batt!

Happy fiber donor.

Husky Halfway House – Oklahoma, US

Jen’s focus is on the rescue, evaluation, socialization, and rehoming of huskies who are stuck in shelters, at risk of being abused, or end up in homes that are not ready/ equipped for such a high maintenance breed.  Dogs are then integrated into the pack, socialized in small groups and cared for in a pack leadership based family, then adopted into loving homes.  There is also a groomer on site and all the fur from these huskies goes to good use in Clean Wave mats! 

Matter of Trust Chile

Mattia, Beto and Mirta at Matter of Trust Chile have taken the mission of Linking Surplus with Needs to great heights! Making hair mats for oil spills, regenerating the soil of Atacama Desert, and wall insulation… they’ve also invented Limay, a cleaner made from citrus food waste. They work with other unusual waste, recovering lithium batteries from electromobility to install refurbished batteries in charging kiosks; and reusing thermal blankets from vaccine transport to produce more energy in solar fields

Matter of Trust Chile featured in local newspaper!

The hair mat felting machine in Wales, UK.

Green Wave, Wales, UK

An independent and sustainability driven hair workshop based in Pembrokeshire.

We are a hair salon and we are manufacturing sustainable oil spill recovery mats made of hair clippings from salons, individuals and animal fur.

Salon Sustainability, Hampshire, UK

Salon Sustainability is a salon waste recycling company that repurposes salon recycling waste into reusable materials and products. 

Salon Sustainability uses salon hair clippings collected from salons and fur from dog groomers to make Hair Mats, which help soak up oil spills in the ocean and stop oil from spreading further and affecting wildlife. Contact us for more information. 

Salon Sustainability logo.

Barbers in front of barber shop.

OS Barbers – London, UK

  • Barber
  • Felting hub 
  • Website:
  • Post fiber donations through

My name’s Joe, I’m one of the owners at OS Barbers. We’ve recently made a pledge to become a fully sustainable company by 2022. 

Papirec – SA, Switzerland

A Swiss group specializing in waste recycling and recovery. One of their activities is the collection and recovery of hair:RECUP’HAIR. 

With this in mind, they are looking for ways to give a second life to hair. They created ABSORB’HAIR, a system to recover oil spills in mechanical workshops, using only recycled materials

Nearly finished hair mat emerging from the felting machine.

Hana running scrim through felting machine.

Matter of Trust Tokyo, Japan

Nana and Hana work together on making hair mats in Tokyo, Japan.

Hiukka Hyva – Finland

Miila is a Helsinki, Finland based ecological hair salon owner. For some time she has been researching hair waste and hair mats.
Especially for cleaning oil spills in the Baltic Sea.

Finland shows off finished hairmats!

Clean up crew.

Octop’us – France

Lola plans to do training to create hair mats for a depollution campaign that will happen in her city and also in Germany. 

Restia – Greece

Dimitrios and Chrysa are Greek hairdressers situated in Athens. Greece is surrounded by water and beautiful, unique beaches. They would like to use hair from their salons should accidents that threaten the environment occur.

Dimitrios doing oil spill demo.

City of Glasgow College buillding.

City of Glasgow College – Glasgow, Scotland

Alison is now working on an enterprise and research project in the use of recycling human hair to produce hair mats and hair booms. She wants to raise awareness of how amazing hair is as a substance in agricultural use and pollutants.

Warsaw – Poland

 When Magda read for the first time about Matter of Trust and the possibility of felting mats out of hair and fur I thought it was such a great project and I have to be a part of it. Given climate change, I don’t want to stay passive. I set up a Re-used me foundation whose goal is to teach society to implement ecological habits in everyday life in exchange for free mental support. The Matter of Trust will be the first partner with whom I will encourage people to save the diversity of our planet’s ecosystem. I believe that with my canine business partner and friends’ support we are able to have a positive impact on society. 

Korba’s first fur donation 

Client tries on new wig.

Cabelegria – Brazil

Cabelegria, a Brazilian non-profit organization, receives hair donations, turns them into wigs and donates them to children and women diagnosed with diseases that cause hair loss.
In 2022, the project Fiotrar will start, which aims to produce hair mats for oil removal, as well as develop a filter system prototype which uses hair as a filtering media to remove oils and heavy metals from wastewater.

Dung Dung – Belgium

dung dung offers solutions and develops waste recovery projects as part of the circular economy. With the Hair Recycle project, we are dealing with the problems of oil pollution in waterways in Belgium.

The Hair Recycle team.

Max Rieswick with client.

Rieswick – Germany

The Rieswick and Partner GmbH is a family owned wigmaking company in 5th generation.
We are specialized in wigmaking for medical cases like cancer or alopecia areata.
Our Workmaterial is mostly human hair and we need for making wigs lenghts from 25cm or longer. Thats the reason why we have a lot of shorter hair we can not use for our wig production.
After a long search for a sensible use of these short hair we found Matter of Trust and the Clean Wave program.
We are thankful for this partnership and looking forward to help a lot with our work and our mats

ScissorTail – Norman, Oklahoma

Scissor-Tail Yarn & Fiber Mill is a small fiber processing mill located in Norman, Oklahoma.  We process fiber from all types of fiber producing animals, including alpacas and llamas, sheep, dogs, angora bunnies, angora goats, and any others you can think of.  We can make batts, roving, various weights and plys of yarn, and core spun yarn.  We have a wet felter on-site now and are very familiar with needle felting, but don’t currently have the machine.  We are fervent supporters of animal rescues, environmental causes, and sustainability.  Matter of Trust’s mission fits in perfectly with our goals.


Friendly alpacas

Megan observing student perform adsorbtion experiment.

Dr. Megan Murray, The Phyto Lab, UTS –

Sydney, AU

FeltCrafts – New Mexico, US

Feltcrafts is dedicated to providing felt artists and crafters with professional-grade needle and felting machines and wet felting machines.

Feltcrafts’ needle felting machine.

Terre de Couleur Plant based Organic Hair Color Range

Terre de Couleur

  • Advisors
  • Development

Terre de Couleur has developed and marketed the first French range of 100natural and organic hair care and hair color productsOur formulas based on unique biotechnology are efficient, focused on care, healthbeauty and wellbeing.

Green Circle Salons – Canada

Created by beauty industry leaders, our award-winning program empowers salons to recover up to 95% of their beauty waste. That includes previously unrecoverable materials and hard-to-recycle items like hair clippings, foils, excess hair color, aerosol cans, and color tubes.

Salon hair collection pile.

Salon hair collection.

Coiffeurs Justes – France

Artisan Coiffeur depuis 32 ans, je connais parfaitement les enjeux de notre métier et notre impact sur l’environnement. Aujourd’hui plus que jamais, nous devons prendre conscience que chaque action peut changer le monde de demain.
Depuis 2015, nous travaillons à la sensibilisation de toute une profession au recyclage des cheveux.

Glam Seamless – US

Glam is sending Matter of Trust their recycled hair extensions which would otherwise go into landfill.

Hair extensions applied by hair stylist.

Young donor.

Little Princess Trust -UK

The Little Princess Trust provides free real hair wigs to children and young people, up to 24 years, who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.

San Francisco Department of Environment

  • End user
  • Pilot study

Matter of Trust is a city vendor for San Francisco  and has placed hair mats in used motor oil sites with San Francisco Department of Environment. Other organizations involved are: Port of SF, SF Rec and Park, Harbor Master’s Office, SF Fire Dept, City Yachts. 

San Francisco’s used motor oil recycling site.

Prince holding up sample hair mat.

Air Force Civil Engineering Center

Inlet Guard – Texas, US

  • End user
  • Pilot study
  • Inlet Guard Storm Drain Maintenance Pilot Report

InletGuard makes storm drain cages. A successful pilot study in Garland, Texas, led to more cities using them.

North Richland Hills storm drain installation.

David N. fulfilling order.

Nobis Group – New Hampshire, US

Founded in 1988, Nobis Group is an integrated consulting firm providing engineering and environmental solutions for public and private projects of all sizes. We are committed to solving the challenges of making the Earth a better place to live – community by community, and project by project.

Emma Tarlo – London, UK

Emma Tarlo is a professor of anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London. She regularly gives public lectures worldwide and contributes to BBC Radio programmes and news articles. Her previous books include Clothing Matters, winner of the 1998 Coomaraswamy Prize, and Visibly Muslim.

Entanglement Book Cover.

Visitors at exhibit.

University of London – London, UK

Hair! Human Stories is a pop up exhibition which explores the extraordinary qualities and uses of human hair – our original fibre.

Pyramid Project – Bangkok, Thailand

Human hair is a complex matrix of different records of toxicity contained within the human body as a consequence of one’s living environment.
Follicle is an event and a pavilion that invites Bangkok’s inhabitants to take part in a collective effort to map toxicity in the city through people. 

Fol(i)cle installtion in Bangkok, Thailand.

Felters preparing hair mat for exhibition.

Horniman Museum – London, UK

The Horniman Museum is having an exhibiton on Hair in October 2021

Design Museum – Helsinki, Finland

Critical Tide exhibition will open at the Design Museum’s Gallery. It brings together projects and works that explore the sea and the potential for positive impact through design. Critical Tide will combine research, activism and community engagement within the exhibition space.

Rapunzel displayed at the Design Museum in Helsinki.

Retail Store Interior

Legendary Alpacas of Texas – Maypearl, Texas

  • Working alpaca ranch
  • Seed Stock Producer
  • Education Farm
  • Mentor Farm
  • Retail store
  • Felting hub – pending

Legendary Alpacas of Texas is a 32-acre working ranch of show-quality Huacayan Alpacas that produce award-winning fleece year after year. Founder Gina Glasscock began pursuing her ‘Paca Passion in 2007 and now has over 60 alpacas and crias (babies) on the farm. Annually, Gina shears her herd, amassing Grade 1 and Grade 2 fleece and seconds, all of which is turned into consumer end-products, such as high-quality yarn, hats and scarves, custom rugs, and other home goods and clothing items, all of which are sold on-site in her retail store. She also collects and repurposes alpaca beans (waste) into a rich compost that is cultivated, aged, and then sold as high-quality fertilizer. Gina is an expert in alpaca genealogy and carefully tracks the lineage of current and prospective alpacas and their offspring for prime breeding opportunities that will ensure the long-term viability of the U.S. alpaca population and the integrity of best-in-class fleece. Legendary Alpacas of Texas offers alpacas for sale, for breeding, and for boarding and training and is recognized as a go-to resource for alpaca owners learning the business.

Mot Argentina – Quilmes, Argentina

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Felting hub – pending
  • Research partner
  • Post fiber donations through

Mariano and Julián are experts in industrial processes, management of organizations, socio-environmental training and public relations. They came together with the intention of transforming society into a sense of caring for the environment and generating better living and working conditions. They develop their work from the city of Quilmes, south of Buenos Aires, in cooperation with different actors in the territory. They are starting their studies to reduce the use of water in blueberry fields and clean the river from hydrocarbons

MoT Argentina meeting local authorities

Hair mat used in oil cleaning – Colombia

Matter of Trust Colombia

  • Waste management services
  • In-situ bioremediation of contaminated land
  • Landfarming plant for remediation of contaminated sludge and soil.
  • Felting hub
  • Website:
  • Matter of Trust Colombia website:
  • Post fiber donations through

    TWM is a Colombian waste management organization interested in finding more sustainable alternatives for the remediation of contaminated soil, especially from oil spills incidents. Being part of the Clean Wave Program, Matter of Trust Colombia represents the opportunity to supply economic and sustainable materials to communities who can be the first respond in oil spills and can reduce the impacts of these harmful events

Matter of Trust Edinburgh – Scotland

Matter of Trust Edinburgh and Lothians Hub was founded by Chelsea to develop local solutions to oil spills in the country. Her aim is to make hair mats to combat pollution in cooperation with local crafters such as Made in East Lothian and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (which she is an assistant coordinator and marine mammal medic with). Other hub’s agricultural hair felt trials inspired the concept that hair felt could assist seagrass restoration and after reaching out, seawilding trials are being conducted in the west coast of Scotland. 

Chelsea, founder of Matter of Trust Edinburgh

Chams preparing the soil for planting

Matter of Trust BCN – Barcelona, Spain

  • Felting hub – pending
  • Research hub
  • Post fiber donations through
  • In the context of extreme drought in Europe, Nuria and her team started betting on the composting project to reserve water in the soil. They are using human hair to help Chams, a farmer in the village of Alpens, in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees to experience the effectiveness of water retention and expand this innovation in the region.

Matter of Trust London

Designer and entrepreneur who specialises in waste diversion of pre and post consumer waste using a hybrid interdisciplinary approach in order to generate sustainable solutions and regenerative methods to tackle the issue of waste in our environment. The Matter of Trust as an organisation reflects a shared mission and mutual interest in finding the necessary solutions we require to address and identify waste in our local communities. Through this repositioning, it is leading towards a next generation approach to waste within the material supply chain as a valuable resource leading towards future innovation.  It is about looking at what exists, respecting our resources and regenerating agency in our communities as we continue to respond to the climate emergency. 

Hair discs for flower and plants

Matter Of Trust Baltics, Finland

  • Felting hub 
  • Research partner
  • Post fiber donations through
  • Website:
  • Slavichairbox is an online store based in Finland. They sell, recycle and rent hair extensions. Used hairextensions are the best for making hair matts because of their lenght. Currently researching the use of hair matts and flower pot discs in the Baltics.

Turning Head Hair Studio – Canada

Turning Heads Hair Studio is a full service hair and Barber salon in Calgary, Alberta.  Passionate about making the world a better place and proud to partner with Matter of Trust to recycle hair and educate about sustainability


For those looking for more information on the hair mat felting process, how to develop a satellite factory into a business, or how Matter of Trust’s Clean Wave Program came to be and it’s current mission, below you will find all that you need.

To experience additional resources, please check out our Clean Wave Research and Resources page.



Satellite factories greatly decrease the process’s carbon footprint and create new sustainable jobs. There are so many benefits to making hair mats – through your own operation or volunteering at an existing one. You are promoting local green business and engaging with your community on sustainable solutions to global problems!

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