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Core Staff, Contractors & Volunteers

Meet Our Team

Since our founding in 1997, Matter of Trust has always been surrounded by an amazing circle of eco-heroes we feel lucky to call our staff, contractors, and volunteers. We are grateful to everyone that has been part of our organization and are looking forward to continuing to grow, learn, and fight for the sustainable future we all envision.

Our staff in weekly covid Zoom meetings! Still as connected as ever. October, 2020

Our past staff in a meeting in our Eco-Industrial Hub.  October, 2018.

Our Core Staff, Contractors, and Volunteers

Lisa Gautier – President, Vice Chair
Betty Gaillard – Director of Operations, Board Secretary
Briana Tran – Design Media Lead / Admin
Philip Lam
– Webmaster / Hum Sum Lead
Ben Rice – Hum Sum Mod
Grace Nix – Videographer
Morgan Jones – Built Exhibits Lead
Jennie Carpenter – Research Lead – Programming
David Hutchinson  – Research Lead – Exhibits
Veronica Masterson – Research Lead – Book
Jeremy Herman – Writer
Anne Gaubert Le Boterff – Accounting Manager
Joa Douglas – Fundraising Lead
Rachel Paul – Social Media Lead
Justin Hoffman + Techboom – The Hum Sum Design
David Nyunt – Clean Wave Lead / Felter
Hoa Ong – Scrims Lead / Felter
Julie Tran – Sorting Lead / Felter
Kent Lau – Mats Lead / Felter
Lonnie Allen – Felter
Christina Cheng – Felter
Todd Ditto – Interns Supervisor
Natalie Tam – Intern
Chiara Vilna-Santos – Intern
Noah Getz – Intern
Antoinette Gautier – Intern
Vivianne Gautier – Intern
Juwairia Shoaib – Intern
Sherman Chan – Intern
Ken Kwok – Intern
Fangxin (Daisy) Xu – Intern
Weilin Lei – Intern
Carl Li – Intern
Christy Vong – Intern
Veronica Gaeta Housekeeping
Lisa Pomo – Pitch Hair Salon

Our President, Lisa Gautier, with Phil McCrory, hair mat inventor and one of the initial Eco-Heroes!

How can I help?

get involved


As a non-profit organization, it is so important that we have the support of volunteers. Without you, we wouldn’t be what we are today. Please answer these few questions so we can get a better idea on how we can best organize your precious time.


Apprenticeships are designed to develop a particular skill set that makes an individual excel in craftsmanship and green collar employment. Matter of Trust is affiliated with a wide range of schools and specialized environmental businesses.

Sponsor us

When we see that our programs can create sustainable green businesses and green-collar jobs, we accept corporate sponsorships from our collaborators to get things rolling. Please check our sponsorship opportunities and contact us.


We believe strongly that, “When you give, you get back tenfold.” There are many ways to give like donating hair, fur, and fiber or donating stuff that you don't need. Learn more about all the giving options available: money, stuff & others.