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Core Staff, Contractors & Volunteers

Meet Our Team

Since our founding in 1997, Matter of Trust has always been surrounded by an amazing circle of eco-heroes we feel lucky to call our staff, contractors, and volunteers. We are grateful to everyone that has been part of our organization and are looking forward to continuing to grow, learn, and fight for the sustainable future we all envision.

Our staff in weekly Zoom meetings! Still as connected as ever, 2023.

Our past staff in a meeting in our Eco-Industrial Hub.  October, 2018.

Our Core Staff, Contractors, and Volunteers

Lisa Gautier – President / Founder
Anne Gaubert Le Boterff – Dir Finance
Sherry Garcia – Dir HR / Administration
Evelyn Erickson – Dir Philanthropic Partnerships

Philip Lam – Dir Technology
Joyce Joseph – Hum Sum Mod / Research
Kevin Randall – Hum Sum Mod / FIGMA
Mariah Dixon – Hum Sum Mod / Design Media
Olivia Gaines – Volunteer Hum Sum
Aritro C. – Volunteer – Hum Sum Mod

Dhruv – Volunteer – Hum Sum Mod

Sajeev Paul – Hum Sum Team8 Lead
Anupa Menachery – Team8 Project Manager
Haris V.K. – Team8 Web Dev
Thomas – Team8 Web Dev
Mohammed Hashiq – Team8 Web Dev
Sinadin Zidan
 – Team8 Web Dev
Aadil Abdul Latheef – Team8 Web Dev
Nancy Shaji – Team8 Web Dev
Sreekutty – Team8 Web Dev
Amrutha E. – Team8 Web Dev
Mazen Maliyakkal – Team8 Web Dev
Danya Jose – Team8 Web Dev
Divya K. Menon – Team8 Web Dev

Jessica Rice – Social Media Lead
Jeremy Herman – Writer / Research Lead
Karen Gomez – Researcher
Cat Parmalee – Editor EBG / Research
Lilia Leroy-Bell – Intern

Mattia Carenini – Dir Global Hubs
David Nyunt
– Clean Wave Lead Felter
Jaedyn Nguyen – Clean Wave Felter / Open House Facilitator
Nathanial Platt – Intern
Macy Potter – Intern

Morgan Jones
– Dir Built Exhibits
Veronica Masterson – 
Open House Facilitator

Tarah Rogers – Gift Shops / Admin
Kim Rice – Head Gardener Eco-Home
Olivia Buege – Volunteer – Garden
Kenny Teeter – Volunteer – Garden
Daisy Tapia – Volunteer – Garden
Vivian D. – Volunteer – Garden
Michael – Volunteer – Garden
Sarah – Volunteer – Garden

Saulo Xavier Housekeeping Eco-Home / Eco-Hub

Lisa Pomo – Pitch Hair Salon On Site Eco-Hub

June Michaels – Sonoma Food Runners Fiscal Sponsorship
Steve Pulliam – Heart of the City Food Security Fiscal Sponsorship 



Our President, Lisa Gautier, with Phil McCrory, hair mat inventor and one of the initial Eco-Heroes!

How can I help?

get involved


As a non-profit organization, it is so important that we have the support of volunteers. Without you, we wouldn’t be what we are today. Please answer these few questions so we can get a better idea on how we can best organize your precious time.


Apprenticeships are designed to develop a particular skill set that makes an individual excel in craftsmanship and green collar employment. Matter of Trust is affiliated with a wide range of schools and specialized environmental businesses.

Sponsor us

When we see that our programs can create sustainable green businesses and green-collar jobs, we accept corporate sponsorships from our collaborators to get things rolling. Please check our sponsorship opportunities and contact us.


We believe strongly that, “When you give, you get back tenfold.” There are many ways to give like donating hair, fur, and fiber or donating stuff that you don't need. Learn more about all the giving options available: money, stuff & others.