Vision & Mission

Matter of Trust

Welcome to Matter of Trust!

We’re glad you’re here and interested in learning more about our background as an organization. Our Vision and Mission page is dedicated
to all the intangible aspects that are the pillars of our public charity and the foundation of our commitments to the communities we serve
and the planet.

Here you will find a variety of important information – key eco-definitions and press information, as well as our values, goals, guiding principles, and how we aim to implement them in the Bay and beyond.

Lisa Gautier and Betty Cheng, President and VP, respectively, of Matter of Trust, outside our model Eco-Home in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.

David N., working on our Clean Wave project at the Eco-Industrial Hub. The Eco-Hub holds our permanent exhibits on clean air, water, matter, and energy.


Our Vision

Humanity living in harmony with Earth.

Our Values

Nurture only what we DO want for the planet.

• Remember Truth is the daughter of Time, but Apathy is her evil twin so engage!

• Seek perspectives and incentives

• Be inclusive (mailroom to the boardroom, drawing board to the boardroom, boots on the ground to seats at the table…)

• Value expertise, work experience, youthful energy, and the wisdom of seniors

• Celebrate peer-recognized mastery in all sectors – high tech and low tech

• Look deep into nature to find answers

• Study matters at both micro and macro levels

• Matter of Trust (but verify) – Do the research and see results with our own eyes

• Follow Mother Nature’s lead, be a catalyst, encourage integrated, complex cycles

• Promote enthusiasm for renewable resources and ecology

The front exterior of our Eco-Industrial Hub. SOMA, San Francisco.

Our Mission

To link surplus with needs.

We do this by:

• developing and implementing planet-friendly, replicable solutions, and opportunities for at-home and work;
• mobilizing programs that value recycled materials, repurposed goods, and renewable resources;
• providing inclusive, convenient models that celebrate ecology;

So as to deliver vital, achievable hope for today and inspire optimism.

The front exterior of our model Eco-Home. Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.

Our Goals for 2021 & 2022

  • To open ten recycled fiber felting MofT satellites for making mats for oil spill clean up
  • To host six Eco-Home general public open houses; one every 2 months throughout the year, each concentrating on a different room/area of the house.
  • To launch new Hum Sum social media platform mobile app (events, forums, free exchange, commitments…) for humanity adding solutions.
  • To launch an online Resource Library for 2500 local to global eco-innovations.
  • To update the MofT website, internship, and apprenticeship programs.
  • To update and reprint the 2nd edition of our It’s Easy Being Green book.
  • To research five Global Compost Project satellite partners.
  • To partner with 50 classrooms on MofT programs and Peace of Mind kits.

Our Core Principles

Learn from society and nature: We organize, develop, participate in and fund research projects with universities and other partners so that we can test potential natural solutions, see and share results with our own eyes. Also, we host open houses to gather perspectives and incentives from the public.

Orchestrate beneficial programs that improve lives and environments: Our Eco-Home and Clean Wave Program directly impact clean water, green jobs, eco-education about renewables, debris-free recycling, sorting waste into resources, and much more.

To gather and present useful ecological information in immersive, inspirational ways: Students, locals, and tourists get to enjoy how to incorporate planet-friendly ideas into their immediate environment when they visit the Eco-Hub and Eco-Home. Our resources include rotating and permanent exhibits, corporate off-site and field trips, our Easy Being Green book, videos, lesson plans, eco-innovations resource library, and more…

Provide popular, large-scale platforms that are inclusive and helpful: Our Humanity Adding Solutions platform – the Hum Sum – with members forums, event calendars, free exchange, eco-commitments, surveys, resources is free to the public.

Lead by example and grow through partnerships: We practice a hands-on approach to research, programs, and systems. Through our model factory, showcase home, urban edible garden, satellite MofT felters, lectures, beautiful eco-art installations… we immerse visitors into a world of possibilities while gathering their perspectives and incentives. We strongly avoid reinventing the wheel and like to build collaborations between sectors and network to find peer acknowledged experts up and down the ladder. 


Our Achievements

See our timeline and learn about our past accomplishments!

Our Methods

1. Eco-Industrial Hub – Our flagship factory and permanent exhibit hall. Here we make oil spill mats out of recycled clippings of hair, fur and fleece from salons, groomers, and farmers. This demonstrates best practices for sorting waste into resources. Our visually stimulating walls discuss the challenges and solutions for clean air, water, energy, manufacturing, and much more. Through the Eco-Hub, we eagerly seek out a wide range of perspectives and incentives.

2. The Eco-Home – Our model renters’ home showcases fun ways to green your holiday celebrations and all the areas of your house. Starting with Bee My Valentine (Bedrooms), Spring Greening (Bathrooms and Storage), Greendependence Day (Home Office / Home Gym), Fall-ing for Harvests (Kitchen and Dining), Haunted Eeek-o-Home (Exterior and Garden) and ending with Seasons Greenings (Living room).

3. Urban Edible Garden – Explore our research projects made to uplift and heal the mind, body, and soil. Visit our solar tiny home, solar aerated compost pile, laundry to landscapes gray water, dog poo composter, chicken coop, fog catcher, raised veggie beds, beehive, bat house, and more.

4. Clean Wave Program – At our Eco-Hub and our MofT Satellites we make mats for oil spills out of recycled waste fiber clippings. Salons, pet Groomers, and ranches donate hair, fur, and fleece which we felt into strips that go into storm drains to soak up petroleum mixed with rain. Help us keep waterways clean, sort waste into resources, and create green jobs!

5. The Hum Sum – Our Humanity Adding Solutions online platform allows us to efficiently gather partners (individuals, businesses, government departments, schools, nonprofits…) from around the world. We have forms, local to global events calendars and eco-commitment counters, free stuff and services exchange, and more.

6. Other Projects – We have many other delightful in-house programs and fiscal sponsorships that our team works on. These include: Heart of the City Farmers’ Market, Sonoma Food Runners, the Global Compost Project, SF Urban Carbon Farming Project, and more.. See our current list and Archives.

Our interns having fun with alpaca fleece on hairmats.

The front sign of our Eco-Industrial Hub.

Key Definitions

Eco: Ancient Greek work for a relationship between life and surroundings, home farm, planet

Ecology: Study of the relationship between living organisms and their environment (ecosystems, economics, ecotourism…)

Renewable Resources: Regenerative materials that can be collected in ways that encourage replenishing and do no harm

Surplus: Excess, leftover, supply over demand

Zero-waste: Responsible sourcing, production, consumption, reuse, recovery, and recycling of materials

Deconstructable: Manufacturing and building with disassembly and recycling in mind

Cottage Industry: A business or manufacturing activity carried on in a person’s home

Micro-Enterprise: Small scale business with less than six employees

70:30 Local to Global Principle: A lifestyle where 70% of purchases have three degrees or less of separation from source materials and manufacturers. 30% of purchases are exotic with no means of connection with farmers or fabricators.

Our Press Release Boilerplate

Matter of Trust, a 501(c)(3) environmental public charity established in 1998, has two locations in San Francisco, California: our Eco-Industrial Hub with model factory and our showcase Eco-Home with its urban edible garden. The lions share of our 50+ programs (in-house and fiscal sponsorships) link surplus with needs and spotlight renewable resources.

In addition, we run an online platform, for Humanity Adding Solutions, and orchestrate the Clean Wave Program, which collects and felts waste fibers into mats that soak up oil spills, now with satellites in the US, UK, EU, Chile, Australia, and beyond.

Working with youth, we celebrate optimism for the future and promote ecology (the study of life in environments.)

Our front door gate at the Eco-Home, made out of 60% recycled auto parts by Daniel Macchiarini.