Do you want to make hair mats?

Want to make hair mats?

If you are interested in working with our Clean Wave program, we are seeking 300 satellite partners around the world and we have a starter kit fund.

You need a free space such as: garage, warehouse, farm shed, workshop… away from your living area as this work can create a hairy situation!

Feel free to contact us by email at or through our Contact form.

How are our hair mats made?

How we make hair mats…

  1. Sort – We start with a framework called a scrim. This uses just the longer strands, 3+ inches, which would ideally have been pre-sorted as such beforehand. If not, step #1 is to sort out the longer 3+ inch strands from the rest.
  2. Start Scrim – Lay them out in the feeding tray before the felting machine and space them evenly.
  3. Feed Scrim – Then start up the felting machine, slowly pushing from the input end while pulling from the output end. This can be just you, but usually is more than one person so that less walking back and forth is involved. One person pushing the scrim forward and one person pulling the scrim at the other end at the same time to balance the felting.
  4. Lay Scrim – Once the scrim has passed through the felting machine at least once, lay it out on the intake end again. This time, you’ll want to have the borders of the scrim hanging out over the edges of the intake tray – they’ll be folded over the stuffing.
  5. Fill Scrim – Now you can fill it in with shorter fibers, stuff them in evenly and once it’s padded with the shorter fibers, fold the scrim that hangs out over the edges over the stuffing.
  6. Lock Scrim – Run the mat-in-progress through the felting machine again, pushing and pulling. Once it’s through and through, it should be reasonably ready for use.

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