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KCBS – How you can use your hair (or your dog’s) as natural fertilizer

The hair of the dog isn't just for hangovers-- it can help your garden and ease pollution too!  One Bay Area ecology group is employing hair from people and pets to use in the garden via compost and in the ocean to clean up pollution, using hair's natural ability to...

LA TIMES – Use your hair to help your garden or fight pollution. A Bay Area group shows how

Try answering this off the top of your head: What’s an abundant renewable resource that can spur growth in your garden and clear pollutants from bodies of water? The answer, according to a Bay Area nonprofit, is hair. CONTINUE READING...   LA TIMES - Use your...

Instagram – Sam Bentley – Using HAIR to Fight Oil Spills

  CONTINUE READING...   Instagram - Sam Bentley - Using HAIR to Fight Oil Spills! February 4th, 2024  

ABC7 – SF Ecologists Testing Human and Animal Hair to Help Grow Plants in Presidio

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- For Noah Teller, precision is a passion, especially when he's trying to learn how to make things grow. As Ecological and Restoration Coordinator at San Francisco's Presidio, he's testing a variety of fertilizers in a tiny square by square...

Forbes Japan – Fuji Rock and the U.S. Air Force also adopted the unexpected use of “cut hair” from U.S. hairdressers

Have you ever seen the hair cut at the beauty salon and thought "it's a waste"?In the United States and Canada, 31.5 tons of hair are thrown away from beauty salons every day. Under these circumstances, "Matter of Trust Japan" was established in Japan on December 19,...

WASHINGTON POST – A lake is filled with oil. Thousands donated their hair to help soak it up.

Volunteers cut donors' hair during a campaign in Caracas, Venezuela, on Oct. 6. Hundreds of Venezuelans came to get their hair cut, some with their pets, to support an initiative that aims to use human and animal hair to help clean up Lake Maracaibo, which is highly...

SF COMMISSION ON THE ENVIRONMENT – Award to Matter of Trust 2023

CONTINUE READING...   San Francisco Commission on the Environment - Award to Matter of Trust August 29th, 2023

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Your Hair is Surprisingly Recyclable

People generate a staggering amount of hair waste—salons in the U.S. and Canada toss out some 31.5 tons a day. But what if that discarded hair didn’t have to be waste? CONTINUE READING...   National Geographic, June 28th, 2023...

WEATHER CHANNEL – Oil Spills, Cleaning Up With Human Hair

The Weather Channel News Clip hosted on Vimeo. Facts are Facts - Oil Spills on the Decline - Cleaning Up With Human Hair. CONTINUE READING...   The Weather Channel, Jun 26th, 2023  

HOW STUFF WORKS – Donate Your Hair to Help Keep Our Water Clean

When you get a haircut, those piles of hair that are left behind on the floor don't have to go into the trash. Instead, surprisingly, that hair can be used to help stop oil spills and leakage from contaminating the environment. CONTINUE READING...   How Stuff...

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