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SF EXAMINER – Cole Valley Eco-Home presents alternative ways of living

For 24 years, environmentalist Lisa Craig Gautier and her husband Patrice Oliver Gautier, co-founders of the nonprofit Matter of Trust, have focused on living sustainable lives. Almost three years ago, the couple extended their reach by opening the doors to their...

TIME MAGAZINE – Here’s Why People in the Philippines Are Collecting Human Hair to Clean the Ocean

Locals worried about the spill’s impact on their economies have rallied to help cleanup efforts—and they may have a secret weapon. CONTINUE READING...   March 20, 2023 – Thank you Time Magazine for the mention! Please note: Matter of Trust and all Partner Hubs,...

CW TV – Oceans Emergency Currents of Hope

CW TV Oceans Emergency Currents of Hope December 27, 2022 48:40 (Matter of Trust) CONTINUE READING...   CW TV, December 27th, 2022:

DW – A hairdresser using hair to save the sea

A hairdresser makes use of her customers' cut hair to make special mats to help clean the coast and sea in event of oil spills in her native country Wales. Human hair is a natural oil absorber. CONTINUE READING...   DW, Dec 1st, 2022...

WEATHER CHANNEL – Oil Spills, Cleaning Up With Human Hair

The Weather Channel News Clip hosted on Vimeo. Facts are Facts - Oil Spills on the Decline - Cleaning Up With Human Hair.  CONTINUE READING...   The Weather Channel, Sep 2nd, 2022

CNN – Human hair is being used to clean up oil spills

Lisa Gautier receives nearly a dozen parcels of human hair every day. This would be unnerving for most, but Gautier knows that the blonde and brunette locks, and all the other shades, will become something wonderfully "green." With her San-Francisco-based non-profit...

60 SECONDS – Human Hair for Oil Spills

60 Seconds, April, 2022  

BUSINESS INSIDER – Human Hair Mats Clean Oil Spills

Business Insider, February 23rd, 2022

NOW THIS – Recycling Human Hair to Soak Up Oil Spills

Now This, February 15th, 2022  

HORNIMAN MUSEUM – Giving Hair a Second Life

Horniman Museum and Gardens, February 10th, 2022


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