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CNN – Human hair is being used to clean up oil spills

Lisa Gautier receives nearly a dozen parcels of human hair every day. This would be unnerving for most, but Gautier knows that the blonde and brunette locks, and all the other shades, will become something wonderfully "green." With her San-Francisco-based non-profit...

60 Seconds – Human Hair for Oil Spills

60 Seconds, April, 2022  

Business Insider – Human Hair Mats Clean Oil Spills

Business Insider, February 23rd, 2022

Now This – Recycling Human Hair to Soak Up Oil Spills

Now This, February 15th, 2022  

Horniman Museum – Giving Hair a Second Life

Horniman Museum and Gardens, February 10th, 2022

The Cut – Can We Recycle Hair, Too?

The Cut, January 6th, 2022

Reasons to be Cheerful – When Oil Spills Strike, Call in the Hair Force

Reasons to be Cheerful, August 16th, 2021    

Vogue – How Hair Salons Are Mobilizing to Help Clean Up the Mauritius Oil Spill

Vogue Magazine, August 13th, 2020  

National Geographic – Janvier 2018

View PDF here View National Geographic January edition

CNBC – 17 Ways To Clean Up The Gulf Oil Spill

Oil Spill Hair Mats Early on in the BP crisis, human hair was discussed as a possible material for sopping up the oil. Matter of Trust, a nonprofit environmental organization, has partnered with thousands of salons all over the world to use their clippings, which...



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