Eco-Home & Eco-Hub

Green living and working 

Why this matters?

Our goal is to promote ways to ecologize industry and offices while at work;  and to show households (especially apartments)  how everyone can impact climate at home.  

Since 2005, more than 50% of humans live in cities around the world. In the US, 36% of people are renters.

There is strength in numbers and by gathering perspectives and incentives on how populations can create a positive, planet-friendly shift,  we will show the public how little changes really add up!


Eco-Home and Urban Edible Garden

We have 6 free, week-long, public open house events throughout the year. Each has exhibits highlighting different rooms. You can also book field trips, corporate off-sites and private tours anytime. Add your ideas for how city dwelling renters and owners can go green, impact climate and build healthy communities.


Eco-Industrial Hub (Eco-Hub)

Our Eco-Industrial Hub (Eco-Hub) is a working model factory and exhibit hall. with felting stations, a hair salon, and more. Our stunning warehouse space showcases  Clean Air, Water, Energy and Ideal Materials. Book a tour or field trip!