Eco-Home and Edible Urban Garden


Eco-Home & Enchanting Edible Garden

General Public Open House Exhibits:

Bee my Valentine – February March (Bedroom / Bath)

Earth Day & Smart Dorm Spring Clean – April May (Storage / Garden)

Independence Day – June July (Home Office / Home Gym)

Fall Harvest – August September (Kitchen / Dining)

Haunted Eeeeko-Home – October November  (Exterior)

Season’s Greenings – December January (Living Room)

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The Eco-Home is located in the lovely Cole Valley/Haight Ashbury district:

Matter of Trust Eco-Home
728 Cole Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Latest Eco-Home Videos:

Eco Home Video Update #1

Eco Home Video Update #2
Eco Home Video Update #3
Eco Home Video Update #4 (latest)

Intern Exhibit Write-Ups:

View Eco-Hub & Eco-Home 2019 Summer Intern Exhibit Write-ups

Contact us to book tours at our Matter of Trust Model Eco-Home. This exhibition space has an ecological apartment and urban, permaculture garden. This place is for gathering ideas and suggestions on how city dwelling renters and owners can go green. The Eco-Home showcases a cozy, environmentally designed space with warm, earthy colors and clean bright areas. Here, we are celebrating urban eco-communities and concentrating on the microcosms of a healthy mind, body and soil. It complements our Eco-Industrial Hub’s model factory and its “macrocosm” themes: air, water, energy, materials and manufacturing. Both are made to inspire, enchant and engage visitors of all ages. We invite conversation on incentives and perspectives for how to collectively create a planet-friendly future.

Visit our 6 general public week-long open houses throughout the year. And contact us anytime to book tours, field trips, corporate off-sites, lectures, workshops, roundtables and more!


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The Global Compost Project

We’re committed to promoting natural abundance and composting. We’ve teamed up with experts including scientists, NGOs and agriculture specialists from around the world to share information on a platform to make it easy and commonplace.

SONOMA Food Runners

Matter of Trust is proud to be the fiscal sponsor for SONOMA Food Runners, which relays food throughout Sonoma County. This enables them to focus on building their organizational capacity before fully establishing their own non-profit status.

Compost Research

The benefits of composting are well known, but what happens when pharmaceuticals enter the picture? Can material containing traces of pharmaceuticals – antibiotics in animal waste still be safely composted?

San Francisco Urban Carbon Farming Project

The San Francisco  Urban Carbon Farming Project will take state-of-the-art science and protocol for measuring the carbon sequestration effects of utilizing compost as a soil amendment and from this, develop and deploy an experimental protocol suited uniquely to urban garden and urban park environments.

Heart of the City Farmers Market

Matter of Trust is the fiscal sponsor of Heart of the City Farmers Market (HCFM).  Grants help to keep stall fees 50% lower than neighboring markets which in turn reduces food prices and makes it affordable for low-income customers.

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Why this matters?

Our model Eco Home showcases ways for renters to impact climate. Environmental news (good and bad) can seem huge and impersonal. Most residential information is for homeowners and construction. We are filling a niche that reaches urban populations that are tenants and ranging in income. Everyone can enjoy all the goodness a greener life has to offer. Plus, when it comes to planet friendly shifts, there is strength in numbers. Little changes really add up!


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We are always evolving and welcome new ideas, partners, contributions and emails. We have a very optimistic view of the future and love meeting others who are very fond of this lovely planet!


We strongly believe that,

“When you give, you get back tenfold.”

Now, that’s a great exchange rate!

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