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Our research and resource page is dedicated to those who want to dive deeper into both the background and the science of the Hair Matters Program. Click on the links to read official research papers we collaborated on, pilot studies we conducted, educational activities, hair donations, and more.

This is the home for all of the program’s research papers, lesson plans, demo videos, FAQs, flyers, and more!

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Diagram of singular hair reacting with oil.

Oil-heavy water about to enter storm drain after rainfall. (In need of a hair mat!)

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Ask Nature First:  Does Mother Nature make hair mats?  We call it a “quiet cycle.”  


In springtime you see pollination as well as shedding and molting.  All of this fiber gently falls to the ground and whether it is a mother seal rubbing off a winter pelt in an estuary where seagrass starts to grow, or it a bison rubbing off fleece against a tree, or a rabbit shedding in a grassland or a bird preening out winter feathers… all of this fiber mixes with soil or seabeds providing a (somewhat matted) structure for mycelium to coat and then remediate the soil.  The fibers are hydrophobic so rain and fog go through them and into the soil.  Hair mulch provides shade and wind protection, reducing evaporation and increasing soil water retention.  Bugs and birds that like to eat plants and seeds don’t like fur and so it is a natural pest repellant.  Most importantly it attracts moths and is a slow nitrogen release into the soil.



Our research shows that this renewable waste fiber resource is sufficiently effective to compete with petroleum-based products. Begging the question, should we drill for oil to make petroleum-based absorbents to clean up oil spills.
Our research partners and customers alike are delighted with hair mats and the low tech and accessible science behind them!