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Antoinette G. Nies, Accountant – 990

Dominic F. Massoni, CPA  – In-Kind Giving
Iryna Oreshkova, CPA, MBA – Financial Review
Jamie Kay Gerard, Esq. – NGO Governance

Susan Dawson, Esq. – Internet Law
Kevin Rose, Esq. – Land Use & Real Estate
Tim Li – Architect
Alan Wong – Eco-Hub & Eco-Home Construction


How can I help?

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As a non-profit organization, it is so important that we have the support of volunteers. Without you, we wouldn’t be what we are today. Please answer these few questions so we can get a better idea on how we can best organize your precious time.


Apprenticeships are designed to develop a particular skill set that makes an individual excel in craftsmanship and green collar employment. Matter of Trust is affiliated with a wide range of schools and specialized environmental businesses.

Sponsor us

When we see that our programs can create sustainable green businesses and green-collar jobs, we accept corporate sponsorships from our collaborators to get things rolling. Please check our sponsorship opportunities and contact us.


We believe strongly that, “When you give, you get back tenfold.” There are many ways to give like donating hair, fur, and fiber or donating stuff that you don't need. Learn more about all the giving options available: money, stuff & others.