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Humanity Adding Solutions


Jennifer Thomas – Hair Matters
Patricia Cangas – Web Designer
Wesley Allen – Build Exhibits
David Duckworth – Volunteer Coordinator
Amber Millan  – Social Media Lead
Katia Rogers – Bookkeeper
Enrica Jiang – Fundraising & Press
Joyce Joseph – Research Eco-Solutions 
Janet Jose – Proofreader

Sonja Lockhart  – Surplus and Needs
Summer Burkes
  – Hair Matters
Nancy Ngo
  – Press
Susannah Cohen
  – Surplus and Needs
Rain Stickney  –
Charlene Eldon  –
Shuai Chen  –
Victoria Chuburkova  – Administration
Marcus Owens
– Handouts
Louise Noel – Surplus and Needs
Hitesh Lala – Build Exhibits
Michelle Young
– Administration
Drew Tuomey
– LEAF Academy Teacher
Eleanor Long – LEAF Academy Teacher
Jessica Paa – LEAF Academy Teacher
Nicole LaCount – SPROUTS Summer Camp Teacher
Amber Post – LEAF Academy Teacher
Lorna Porter – Eco-Education and Fundraising
Jennifer Pratt – Writer, It’s Easy Being Green
Carmen Hermida
– Development Brochures
Alice Huang
– Global Compost Film Contest
Jessica Charles
– Exhibits; Murals
Inhui Lee
– Surplus and Needs Programs
Janelle Peterson
– Design Media
Marchelle Johnson
– Exhibit Blurbs
Marcus Owens
– Handouts
Cynthia Boedihardjo – Google Ads Outreach
Marco Pietschmann – Webmaster
Tehan Carey – Oil Spill Soaked Hair Remediation Project, San Francisco
Tyler Young – Hair Matters – Hair for oil spills
Amanda Bacon – Alabama Warehouse, BP Gulf Oil Spill
Yente Sehman – Florida Warehouse 1, BP Gulf Oil Spill
Barbara Johnson – Florida Warehouse 1, BP Gulf Oil Spill
Ingrid Setzer – Florida Warehouse 2, BP Gulf Oil Spill
Daisye Suderan – Louisiana Warehouse 1, BP Gulf Oil Spill
Margie Perez – Louisiana Warehouse 2, BP Gulf Oil Spill
Regina Douglas – Eco-Education
Rhoda Chew – Volunteer Coordinator
Cynthia Montoya Wong – Logistics
Jeannie Bear – Public Relations
Mary Connors-Carson – Public Relations
Michelle Salas – Gift Shop
Iris Aluf-Medina Fresko – Purchasing
Leigh Lehman – Eco-Center Launch
Win Dell’Ario – Eco–Center Design
Colette Swim – Logo Design
Louise Laub – Posters Design
Prasanth Gopi – Website
Carlo Barot – Vlogs
Yulia Zimmermann – Letterhead
Eliot Jackson – Eco-Education
Melody Salerno – Surplus & Needs




How can I help?

get involved


As a non-profit organization, it is so important that we have the support of volunteers. Without you, we wouldn’t be what we are today. Please answer these few questions so we can get a better idea on how we can best organize your precious time.


Apprenticeships are designed to develop a particular skill set that makes an individual excel in craftsmanship and green collar employment. Matter of Trust is affiliated with a wide range of schools and specialized environmental businesses.

Sponsor us

When we see that our programs can create sustainable green businesses and green-collar jobs, we accept corporate sponsorships from our collaborators to get things rolling. Please check our sponsorship opportunities and contact us.


We believe strongly that, “When you give, you get back tenfold.” There are many ways to give like donating hair, fur, and fiber or donating stuff that you don't need. Learn more about all the giving options available: money, stuff & others.