MofT Alumni

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Prince Caluza

Benjamin Wisotsky

Jennie Carpenter

David Hutchinson

Kent Lau

Christina Cheng 

Juwairia Shoaib 

Sherman Chan

Ken Kwok 

Fangxin (Daisy) Xu

Christy Vong 

Antoinette Gautier

Natalie Tam 

Chiara Vilna-Santos 

Vivianne Gautier

Noah Getz 

David DaVinci

Diego Pantoja

Xavier Allen

Daniel Gonzalez

Norah Rogers

Lola Jones

Juliette Brown

Isaiah Jericho Gamban

Kyra Pease

Anna Schusser

Brady Penn

Cally Wuthrich

Celestine Diaz

Claire Deamer

Dennis Rodriguez

Dongmin Lee

Elijah Lui

Jameshay Butler

Johannes Nueesch

Lauren Chiyo Wong

Marcus D’Avignon

Nora Link

Hannah Estrada

Dimitriy Kuvshinov

Gregoire d’Allest

Sophie Standen

Ragini Agrawal

Lilia Leroy-Bell

Lia Courbage

Caroline Rose Wuthridge

Fortunato Calalo

Helen Gu

Ayari Inanobe

Irene Anaya

Brenda Lujan-Moreno

Chelsea Mallabo

Ruth deLene Pan

Kaleo Vaifale

Vanessa Gutierrez

Yinia Yanez

Madelaine Martin

Aaron Villasenor

Martha Mason 

Julie Lodewyckx

Sasha Brown

Hannah Marsh

Amy Cai

Rose Osser

Lola Jinaud

Antoine Madrange

Chelsio deMorais

Lindsay Deffarges

Spencer Cue

Dori Yazbek

Steve Page

Natalia Garcia

Eric Sanchez

Kelowna Ostwald

Nancy Gutierrez

Stephanie Spilker

Gabe Korthy

Dylan Hadley

Louise Hernandez

Charlotte Favre

Angelica Rivera

Gisselle Ortega

Darwin Zaldana-Velis

Olivier Truyman

Clemence Theot

Amy McDevitt

Maca Wong

Filipe Wong

Jeffrey Tam

Maricela Gonzalez

Michelle Ayala

Juan Rojo

Paul Desagneaux

Skylar Calandra

Ryan Zheng

Rose Rimler

Daniel Nicholls

Ruby Robertson

Jasper Montgomery

Michaela Daw

Shivani Ananth

Gaby Dichiro

Jessica Rice

Andrea Rice

Jeffrey Tam

Maricela Gonzalez

Michelle Ayala

Alejandra Duarte

Ali Ahmed

Ellen Mendoza

Jeffery Ho

Adel Albakri

Tapeni Ameperosa

Noah Consul

Vasana Limu

Calvin Fitch

Michael Fitzgerald

Vadim Vahnshteyn

Martha “Gabby” Castro

Nia Nguyen


Jennifer Thomas

Kyle Freeman

Mary Conners-Carson



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As a non-profit organization, it is so important that we have the support of volunteers. Without you, we wouldn’t be what we are today. Please answer these few questions so we can get a better idea on how we can best organize your precious time.


Apprenticeships are designed to develop a particular skill set that makes an individual excel in craftsmanship and green collar employment. Matter of Trust is affiliated with a wide range of schools and specialized environmental businesses.

Sponsor us

When we see that our programs can create sustainable green businesses and green-collar jobs, we accept corporate sponsorships from our collaborators to get things rolling. Please check our sponsorship opportunities and contact us.


We believe strongly that, “When you give, you get back tenfold.” There are many ways to give like donating hair, fur, and fiber or donating stuff that you don't need. Learn more about all the giving options available: money, stuff & others.