CW TV – Oceans Emergency Currents of Hope

CW TV Oceans Emergency Currents of Hope December 26, 2022 48:40 (Matter of Trust) CONTINUE READING...   CW TV, December 26th, 2022:  

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DW – A hairdresser using hair to save the sea

A hairdresser makes use of her customers' cut hair to make special mats to help clean the coast and sea in event of oil spills in her native country Wales. Human hair is a natural oil absorber. CONTINUE READING...   DW, Dec 1st, 2022...

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CNN – Human hair is being used to clean up oil spills

Lisa Gautier receives nearly a dozen parcels of human hair every day. This would be unnerving for most, but Gautier knows that the blonde and brunette locks, and all the other shades, will become something wonderfully "green." With her San-Francisco-based non-profit...

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