The Green Carbon Pathway

The Green Carbon Pathway A simple, universal method  to sequester carbon & reverse climate change how plant photosynthesis pumps Carbon into soil a short animated powerpoint slide show’ Plants catch Carbon from air to convert to...

Composting Video- in Mandarin

Looking for an informational video in Mandarin about (backyard) composting? Look no further!

Super Easy, 3 Minute "How-To" Composting Vid, from Enviromom

Here at the Global Compost Project resources page, we have a lot of information about composting! From specific composting tips for city dwellers, to the ins and outs of the carbon cycle, to kid friendly composting ideas, we’ve got enough to entertain! However,...

Bill Nye Lays It On The Line

We all know and love Bill Nye, our straight talking and humorous science-go-to guy. Always informational and entertaining, take a look at this 4 minute video about Climate Change 101 from the man himself! The fun way to get educated… Watch it Here

TED talk: Returning Carbon to the Soil

It would appear that in the midst of mainstream climate change discussions, little is said about the soil and agricultural practices that can be utilized to provide solutions to the problem. This TED talk, given by Mr. Tony Lovell, speaks to the idea of putting Carbon...