Here are a few ways you can help the Clean Wave Program:

1. Organize a cut-a-thon / shave-a-thon / groom-a-thon (pet fur / fleece)

2. Download / print out Clean Wave flyers and give them to hair dressers to explain the program (or email an electronic flyer and save a tree)

3. Collect a box full of “debris-free” clippings and mail it in to us through Excess Access

4. Do a presentation / classroom demo of an oil spill clean up with hair / fur / fleece, video here

5. Send us a short video / email report with images and email it to us or share with our social media to spread awareness

Thank you for contributing to this Clean Wave program that is diverting useful fibers out of the waste stream, providing a new recycled resource, and creating green jobs while cleaning waterways!