Technology is playing a major role in the world where we live. Last 10 years, technology has totally changed the way of work in every industry. Every industry is using mobile applications for the different working purpose to improve productivity.

Here we discuss the 3 trends of mobile apps development that emerge so quickly:

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality:

AR and VR are extensively employed technology in the industries of games. There are so many games that you play using VR devices such as Doom VFR, Beat Saber & many more. This technology has a huge potential to implement on other industries, for example healthcare, manufacturing and more.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is another technology which is also at the top of smartphone application development trends. It is already implemented on different search engine and entertainment sites that display the results according to the history of a particular user.

The Cloud:

This one is also very popular and emerging trend of mobile app development. The rate of users who use their devices, increasing for the purpose of storing files of our work. It delivers a best solution for data storage which is a big challenge of every industry.