June 18–21, 2015
Carbon, Compost and Climate Tent
Presidio Main Parade Ground Tent
104 Montgomery St
San Francisco  CA


If you’re made of carbon… So everybody… We hope you’ll come by and visit!

We are taking this opportunity to showcase innovative, green programs in the Bay Area. The Presidio Trust and Matter of Trust will host this Carbon, Compost, and Climate education tent at the Main Parade Ground.

Interested in showcasing your organization, your green job, recycling system, compost pile, clean air transportation mode…?

The collected innovative solutions will be posted to social media, and footage provided for free to participating organizations for their PR and educational purposes. On Sunday, a Zero Waste Flash Mob will be filmed for the UN Conference COP 21 in Paris Nov 30–Dec 12, 2015.


There are several exciting ways to get involved:

  • Visit the Presidio Main Parade Ground — Carbon, Compost, Climate Tent June 18–21
  • Propose a roundtable, panel, or a lecture for the Tent – team@matteroftrust.org
  • Join the Zero Waste Flash Mob Sunday, June 21, 2:30 PM
  • Volunteer at http://matteroftrust.org/volunteer
  • Sign up or drop in to be interviewed for the mini-documentary celebrating the Presidio Trust and SF community on climate solutions from eco-conscious people. 
Contact team@matteroftrust.org for more information.


 Wednesday, June 17th
11 AM:  Tent Arrives
1 PM:  Movers arrive
3 PM:  Tent Set up

Thursday, June 18th

10 AM — 12 PM: Open tours & Interviews

12 PM — 2 PM: Bag Lunch & Compost Lecture – Kevin Drew, SF Department of the Environment (San Francisco is the world leader in compost and solid waste recycling. Hear how this all came to be and what’s next!)

2 PM — 5 PM: Open tours & Interviews

5 PM — 8 PM: Off the Grid – Open tours

Friday, June 19th

10 AM — 12 PM  Open tours

12 PM — 1 PM “Compost in the Presidio” – Abby Morris, Presidio Trust  (The Presidio is a trailblazing example in the carbon-neutral movement.  Learn about their innovations in this iconic setting!)

1 PM — 2 PM  “Carbon 101 Marin Carbon Project” – John Wick, Marin Carbon Project  (Naturally sequester carbon back into the soil through this inspirational “grassroots” project!  Hear about the Marin Carbon Project’s groundbreaking research and soak in the good news!  Followed by Q&A)

2 PM — 3 PM  “Climate and Solar” – Jeanine Cotter, Luminalt Solar (How to engage the public and create jobs that directly affect climate change! )

3 PM — 5 PM: Open tours & Interviews

5 PM — 7 PM: After hours Zero Waste Flash Mob promotion

Sat, June 20th

10 AM — 12 PM: Open tours

12 PM — 1:30 PM: Bag Lunch Lecture – “California’s Leadership Role in Embracing  the Compost Carbon Movement”  – Reinhard Hohlwein, CalRecycle 25+ years and  environmental literacy advocate

1:30 PM — 5 PM: Open tours

Sunday, June 21st

10 AM — 12 PM: Open tours & Interviews

12 PM — 1:30 PM: “Microbial breakdown of pharmaceuticals and pathogens thru composting brown waste” – Dr. Gary Anderson, Lawrence Laboratory UC, Berkeley, followed by Q&A

2 PM — 3 PM: Zero Waste Flash Mob Prep & Celebration

3 PM — 5 PM: Open tours

5 PM Tear Down