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Presidio Trust: Hair Mat Trials in Grasslands Restoration

Presidio Trust: Hair Mat Trials in Grasslands Restoration

  Matter of Trust Board Secretary Betty Gaillard and Board Vice Chair & President Lisa Gautier with Lewis Stringer of the Presidio Trust National Park in San Francisco Matter of Trust is proud to be the fiscal sponsor of the Hair Mat Trials in Grassland...

Silver Lab Composting Research

Silver Lab Composting Research

  Matter of Trust is proud to be one of the sponsors of this program and Dr. Whendee Silver's important work. The food system accounts for more than one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Agricultural land use and waste combined are the largest greenhouse...

A Method for Growing a Lot of Food on Little Land

  Over the last nine years, Ben Hartman’s farm in northern Indiana has become more efficient and profitable following the techniques developed by an unlikely source: Toyota. By adapting the production techniques developed by the car manufacturer—commonly referred...

The Benefits of Industrial Composting

Though primarily identified as a distributor of heavy construction equipment, McClung-Logan dedicates a good portion of our inventory to Environmental Machinery for the process of industrial composting — the treatment of large volumes of organic waste and transforming...

How Food and Forestry Are Adapting to a Changing Climate

  Across the country, farmers, ranchers and forest landowners have experienced a slow but steady uptick in their operational risks, due in part to a variety of impacts from a changing climate. Growing seasons in the Midwest, a region that includes my home state...

Urban soils release surprising amounts of carbon dioxide

Tracking biological emissions will allow more accurate assessments of climate action programs BOSTON UNIVERSITY Stephen Decina, Boston University PhD student, measures carbon dioxide being released from the soil using an automated soil carbon dioxide efflux system....

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