Matter of Trust is a strong advocate for apprenticeship programs and recognizes  the importance of exposing youth to new and innovative career paths.

We want to ensure a future where large inner-city populations make leaping advances in green building, eco-packaging, new energy sources and storage, smart urban farming, fair trade product manufacturing, and waste-stream diversion.

Apprentices in our programs learn about materials collection, manufacturing, composting, high tech and low tech design and implementation, sales, marketing, and research.

We have seen sectors like the textile trade dwindle in the US before our very eyes. And we know there are great benefits to keeping such industries alive so we encourage adopting the competitive edge through sustainable practices.

The US is not currently a leader in manufacturing but it can still be a leader in the fair trade and buy local movement.

We are proposing an Eco-Industrial Revolution where manufacturing, design, and creativity make a comeback while providing safe, healthy and locally accessible apprenticeships to youth looking for guidance in careers.


2013 – Present