Textile consumption statistic


The fashion industry is one of the highest polluting industries.



  • A very water-intensive crop
  • Accounts for 1/3 of all fibers found in textiles
  • One cotton shirt requires 2,700 liters of water, or 2.5 years of a person’s drinking water (source: National Geographic).


The Bed

Eco-Friendly Mattresses : $-$$$

Mattress are often made with petroleum based materials, and doused in toxic flame retardants. When choosing your next mattress, try eco-friendly brands like Avocado Green Mattress and Live and Sleep . It is also ecological to buy a used mattress, as it does not require materials and energy to produce like new mattresses.

Futons : $$

You can also go for a futon, a thinner mattress requiring less material that can double as a sofa! They can be set up on the floor at night and folded away in the morning to save space. The Futon Shop offers many organic options.



Bed Sheets : $$-$$$$

Under the Canopy is an affordable, sustainable choice for eco bedding. Jefferson Lane, a more luxurious brand, uses organic, ethically grown cotton in their bedding. There are also bamboo sheets offered by Cariloha .

insulated thermal drapes
Eco Drapes!

Try to use drapes or curtains that are made from organic hemp, bamboo and cotton, from brands like Rawganique and Plow Hearth . Alternatively, you can try insulated thermal drapes. They help control the temperature in the room by keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With a simple piece of cloth, you can lower your energy use and bill! Brands like AmazLinen and FlamingoP (available on Amazon, Walmart, etc…) offer these.

Recycled Clothing : $

Unlike other cloth products, clothing is consumed at a strikingly high rate. Rather than buying new clothes, it is best to buy from local consignment stores, like Thred Up .

Eco Clothing Brands : $-$$

There are many ecological clothing brands that you can go to such as Texture Clothing , Yeah Yeah Pony Prince, and People Tree . You can usually find your local brands at flea markets or art fairs.

Baby Gear

Shopping ecologically for a baby can be hard, but there are many resources now like Eco Baby Gear and Baby Earth that can equip your eco babe!





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