Hair Matters Starter Kit

Welcome to the Matter of Trust Hair Matters Starter Kit. This page is meant for our satellite partners who are interested in setting up their own hair mat making factory – mats that are for both their recreational use and for organizations around the globe.

We thank you for your interest and for being an Eco-Hero! Please check out below to learn more about what we offer our satellite partners and how you can get started on your hair mat operation today!

Large order of hair mats gets ready to be shipped out to buyers!

Volunteers learn about the felting process and Eco-Hub.

Satellite Factory Checklist

We are seeking partners with:

  • the space, most importantly, and desire to do this!
  • interest in supplemental income
  • passion for creating a small, green business cottage industry 
  • access to groomers with fur, farmers with waste fleece, salons with excess hair
  • interest in connecting with local departments, storm drain public works or oil spill cleanup, harbors, airports, factories that have minor spills or run-off into storm drain systems or waterways.

Matter of Trust staff work on felting a large order of hair mats!

The hair mat felting machine.

What We Provide

In your Hair Matters Starter Kit you will receive:

  • One free felting machine on long-term loan
  • A sample hair mat and sample scrim for you and your volunteers to reference while felting your own mats
  • Another finished mat to show potential clients
  • Hair Mat flyer templates, which are editable and printable for your advertising
  • Send or reimburse ounces/grams scales for weighing finished hair mats
  • Training videos and documents, felting tutorials, and research materials
  • Our MOU (memo of understanding)
  • Design Media Decals, Koozies

Next Steps

If you are interested in pursuing the satellite factory,

Your next step is to contact us at and set up an appointment to discuss your interest, timeline, etc.

It is our goal to have 300+ satellite hair mat manufacturing factories around the world to create a local to global system and reduce total carbon footprints.

Thank you for your part in the Hair Matters community!


Nearly finished hair mat emerging from the felting machine.

Hair Mat Felting Resources

For those looking for more information on the hair mat felting process, how to develop a satellite factory into a business, or how Matter of Trust’s Hair Matters Program came to be and it’s current mission, below you will find all that you need.

To experience additional resources, please check out our Hair Matters Research and Resources page.



Satellite factories greatly decrease the process’s carbon footprint and create new sustainable jobs. There are so many benefits to making hair mats – through your own operation or volunteering at an existing one. You are promoting local green business 
and engaging with your community on sustainable solutions to global problems!