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Eco-Home and Edible Urban Garden

  Contact Us for Private Tours! Eco-Home and Enchanting Edible Garden Exhibits View Eco-Hub & Eco-Home 2019 Summer Intern Exhibit Write-ups Latest Eco-Home Video: Eco Home Video Update #1 Eco Home Video Update #2 Eco Home Video Update #3 Eco Home Video Update #4...

Eco-Industrial Hub (Eco-Hub)

Our Eco-Industrial Hub (Eco-Hub) is a working model factory and exhibit hall with hair salon, pop-up pet groomers, roof garden and more. This lovely warehouse showcases our eco-educational walls representing the macrocosms of Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy,...

Green City Maps

  Come visit the Eco-Home to see our Eco-Maps Exhibit. Learn ways to eat local and connect with the farmers who produce our food. We have a map of all the Farmers Markets in the city, with information about hours and featured items at each location. We are also...