When resourcefulness, creativity, passion, and inspiration meet, there is always the possibility that amazing things can happen, even in the most unlikely of spots. In a place where poverty and despair and struggle and massive amounts of waste are a daily occurrence, one teacher is transforming lives with a unique and inspiring program.

In Cateura, Paraguay, residents essentially live on top of a landfill, and many of them make their living by sorting through the trash in order to find items to sell or refurbish. Poverty keeps kids at risk there for its handmaidens of crime, gangs, drugs, and violence, and hope is not an easy thing to come by.

But when a passionate teacher in the Cateura begins music classes, and quickly ends up with more students than instruments for them to play, an incredible chain of events is put into motion, with trash being turned into instruments, and kids from the slums being turned into an orchestra.

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