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Cut and paste as many of these into your own.

Do you have a real GEM of a commitment? Email us, we’ll put it on the list. If your organization is promoting GEMs that are mission specific, we’ll also link to you so that people can find out more. 

I will buy organic and free-range food whenever possible. (Boston, USA)

I will take quicker showers to save water. (San Francisco, USA)

I will subscribe for an online version of my newspaper. (New York, USA)

I will compost green waste. (Vancouver, Canada)

I will buy second hand items. (San Francisco, USA)

I will collect excess cold running tap water while it heats up and use it for watering the garden. (San Francisco, USA)

I will telecommute whenever possible. (Paris, France)

I will de-ice my freezer to save energy. (Mannheim, Germany)

I will keep my car tuned and check my tire pressure regularly to reduce CO2 emissions and save petrol. (London, England)

I will recycle my used batteries at toxic drop-off locations (such as: San Francisco, Cole Hardware and all Walgreens)

I will turn down my thermostat 5 degrees in winter and use an extra blanket. (London, UK)

I will never leave a faucet running (London, UK)

I will turn out the lights when ever I leave an empty room. (London, UK)

I will not turn on my air conditioner, unless I’m absolutely desparate. (Los Angeles, USA)

I will eat raw food as much as possible. (Mill Valley, USA)

I will use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. (Athens, Georgia USA)

I will unplug my toaster, treadmill, coffee pot, vacuum… when not in use. (Boston, USA)

I will buy a smart power strip and turn it off when I’m done on the computer. (Calgary, Canada)

I will grow my own veggies and herbs in my garden and window boxes. (London, UK)

I will use a cloth to wipe up spills instead of papertowells. (Davis, USA)

I will tell the clerk at the cash register that I have my own bags, and I’ll collect my rebate. (San Francisco, USA)

I will use a clothesline or drying rack on hot days instead of my dryer. (Prevessin, France)

I will buy recycled aluminum foil, it uses 95% less energy to produce than regular aluminum foil.

I will buy reusable produce bags made from organic cotton.

I will buy sturdy plastic picnic ware and wash and reuse over and over again.

I will buy a non-toxin leaching aluminum water container instead of buying bottled water like Sigg bottles.

I will only buy post consumer recycled paper products for papertowels, toilet paper and printer paper.

I will buy used items whenever possible instead of new items.

I will make a conscious effort to look and choose to buy a product with less packaging over a similar product with more wasteful packaging.

I will buy in bulk when possible in order to save packaging.

I will tell all my friends to come to this website and ask them to make at least 3 commitments.

I will install a grey water system in my house so that my bath / shower water will water my garden.

I will take less showers when the weather is colder and I don’t need them.

I will install a showerhead that has the option to not always be full blast. We live by the ocean and sometimes we only need to rinse off the saltwater. That’s when we don’t need a full blast, hot shower and we can conserve water and energy.

I will buy biodiesel for my diesel car.

I will install solar panals for our home.

I will go to to stop junk mail and plant trees.

I will buy green cleaning products made from such as: Seventh Generation, Meyers, Shaklee, and Melaleucca…

I will buy cleaning cloths like Method instead of disposable papertowels or sponges.

I will order my Shaklee Healthy Home pack for green cleaners by calling 1 800 225 0600.

I will donated my used clothes and items.

I will use the same ceramic cup all day for water instead of disposable paper cups.

I will repair my leather shoes at a cobbler instead of just throwing them away or buying cheap plastic shoes. Leather shoes take over 1000 years to decompose in landfill.

I will hire a green housekeeping service.

I will take my kids to visit our garbage dump, recycling center and landfill on a field trip.

I will go to and type in my zipcode to see what I can recycle in my city.

I will buy ceiling fans.

I will recaulk my window frames.

I will move our offices to a building where we can open the windows in the summer.

I will order an energy efficiency starter kit from Duke Energy.