Lawton- The oil-spill crisis is heading into its fifth week and no one seems to know how long it will continue. Each day thousands of gallons of crude continues to spill into the Gulf of Mexico.

Across the country and right here at home, people armed with scissors are working to save wildlife that have been impacted. Hair salons are collecting their clients’ clippings in hopes it will soak up some of the spilled oil.

“Everybody is excited , all the clients are like cool, then they are like for real? I said yeah, for real, so they feel like they’re doing a good part,” said stylist Kim Priest.

Zoraida Kurth was watching Good Morning America when she found out hair could be used to soak up thousands of gallons of spilled oil.

“They can use them in the ocean or on the ground where the oil is, sop it up like a sponge and ring the oil into a separate container,” said Kurth.

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