According to the Smithsonian Institution and the Environment Protection Agency, every year an estimated 706 million gallons of oil enter our planets oceans and by far the greatest source of spilled oil is from households.

Used Motor Oil – accounts for 363 million gallons in our oceans!
50% of Americans change their own motor oil, but only 1/3 of that oil is collected and recycled while 2/3  of it is dumped down drains or spilled on driveways and onto streets. One typical 5 quart oil change improperly dumped can contaminate millions of gallons of freshwater.

Routine ship maintenance and washing containers – account for 137 million gallons of oil in our oceans.

From air pollution – 92 million gallons

Natural seepage of oil bubbling up from the sea bottom – 62 million gallons

Large Spill Accidents – 37 million gallons

Offshore drilling – 15 million gallons

Oily hair mats can be turned into compost.  Read about our remediation studies here.

Ken Litchfield and his students from Merritt College in California are doing a remediation treatability study with oil soaked hair mats to see how algae can be used to break down the waste.