Mission & vision

Our goals, and achievements 

Our vision

We envision humanity harmonizing with earth


Matter of Trust’s (MofT’s) mission is to concentrate on the positive, delivering healthy environmental solutions and nurturing teams dedicated to ecology.

We implement transformational programs that promote renewable resources, recycling, reuse, and repair.  We design large-scale systems that are inclusive, convenient and replicable. Big fans of skilled labor, we cultivate pride in expertise and enthusiastic project ownership from staff, part-timers, interns and volunteers.

We orchestrate International networks and platforms for green innovations.  We celebrate the energy in young apprentices and mastery in wise seniors. Through MofT’s work and eco-educational tools, libraries, sites and centers, we provide answers to the public asking “What can I do?”  

We ensure visitors of all ages can enjoy MofT’s fun and inspirational flagship locations: 1) The Eco-Industrial Hub is a working model factory that has delightfully empowering exhibits about clean air, water, and energy, and ideal materials for products.

2) The immersive Eco-Home showcases how urban renters can have impactful, earth-friendly apartments and grow enchanting edible gardens.

Mother Nature is a catalyst and always in balance. We follow her lead.



  • To inspire enthusiasm for the beauty and complexity of natural abundance.
  • To discover, produce, test and promote logistically practical uses for renewable resources.
  • To implement systems that demonstrate the importance of regaining balance, by linking surplus with needs and sorting burdensome waste into stockpiles of useful resources.
  • To develop industry roundtables connecting manual and skilled labor, high and low-tech, drawing board and board room experts from every rung of the ladder.
  • To identify peer-acknowledged mastery in diverse sectors and provide mavens with platforms for eco-jobs training.
  • To build apprenticeship programs that empower a dynamic manufacturing eco-workforce that celebrates distinction and excellence.
  • To promote low-impact, clutter-free solutions and convenient deconstructable products that provide high standards of living and equate ecology with luxury, not sacrifice.
  • To research and broaden eco-awareness within diverse communities through forums and teams that highlight practical perspectives and incentives for clean air, water, energy, and materials at work and at home.
  • To continually have multiple, collaborative programs, flowing at different stages, in order to ensure our collective progress within our 3 departments: 1. Surplus with Needs, 2. Naturally Abundant Renewable Resources, 3. Eco-Education.
  • To follow Mother Nature’s lead by acting as a catalyst and integrating enduring cycles.
  • To deliver peace of mind, mobilize positive cultural shifts, and concentrate on what we do want for the planet.
  • To provide physical and virtual sites that are inclusive, productive, uplifting, expanding, thriving, educational, enchanting and transformational.