The United Nation’s Environment Programme asks that its annual World Environment Day (WED) be hosted by a different international city every year on June 5th. In 2005, San Francisco, California hosted WED’s first official Expo in the United States.

Matter of Trust was invited by the San Francisco Department of the Environment to help organize non-delegation festivities involving international and local participants.

This fifty-five-minute documentary is a behind-the-scenes look including interviews with contributors to this event. Filmed and edited by Matter of Trust founder, Lisa Gautier, who helped coordinate with over 250 community groups providing general public environmental content for this week-long celebration. Celebrate how people from all over really poured their heart into this week-long event! Watch our documentary in its eight short parts.

Part 1 Intro – Overview

Part 2 Deep Dive Exhibits

Part 3 Lectures / Films

Part 4 Events / Exhibits

Part 5 Youth / Farmers Markets / PEC

Part 6 Al Gore

Part 7 Mayoral Accords

Part 8 Finale