All Sorts

We are passionate about the value of sorting waste into  resources. The public is trying and infrastructure needs to match their enthusiasm by providing convenient and well-marked bins everywhere!


The Goats & The Bees

This exhibit serves to promote the sorting and collection of organic wastes; aid production and spreading of compost; restore healthy soils around the world and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Join the fight against global warming and pledge here to sort your green waste!



Daniel Macchiarini is the expert metal worker and local artist who made our fabulous hobbit gates out of 60% recycled metal parts. We wanted pieces that would inspire the kid in all of us to seek out ecological information and be drawn inside the Eco-Home.  It works!


Why Matter Matters

Come see cool innovations created using nature.

The Biomimicry Institute empowers people to create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet.


Invisible Made Visible

Learning about where your waste goes. Visit our Wrap Star Page.


What is Energy?

Our Eco-Hub interns, Kaleo and Fortunato, proudly show off their Jacob’s Ladder exhibit!


Clean Air

Matter of Trust has partnered with Inyenyeri, a fuel-utility company that provides clean cookstoves in Rwanda.


Eco Gift Shop

Come check out our Eco Gift Shop in our Eco-Hub, we stock high quality goods made by people dedicated to sustainability.