All Sorts

We are passionate about the value of sorting waste into  resources. The public is trying and infrastructure needs to match their enthusiasm by providing convenient and well-marked bins everywhere!


Why Matter Matters

Located inside the Eco-Hub, this exhibit is dedicated to cool innovations created using nature.

We are partnered with The Biomimicry Institute and SF Environment on this project. These organizations empower people to create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet.


Invisible Made Visible

A Matter of Trust Exhibit located in the Eco-Hub.
Learn about where your waste goes.

Visit our Wrap Star Page.


What is Energy?

Our Eco-Hub interns, Kaleo and Fortunato, proudly show off their Jacob’s Ladder exhibit!


Clean Air

Matter of Trust has partnered with Inyenyeri, a
fuel-utility company that provides clean cookstoves
in Rwanda.


Eco Gift Shops

Shop online or at our locations for high-quality goods made by people dedicated to sustainability.


Eco-Home Gates

Daniel Macchiarini is the expert metal worker and local artist who made our fabulous hobbit gates out of 60% recycled metal parts. We wanted pieces that would inspire the kid in all of us to seek out ecological information and be drawn inside the Eco-Home.  
It works!


The Goats & The Bees

This exhibit is part of our Carbon Farming and Global Compost Projects. It serves to promote pollination,
the sorting and collection of organic wastes; aiding production and spreading of compost; restoring healthy soils around the world, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.