Dear LEAFers,

Matter of Trust is pleased to offer you an educational internship opportunity at our Matter of Trust Eco-Hub located at 1566 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Let us know if / when you can come by between 11AM – 6PM Monday-Thursday June 12th – July 13th

Major duties will include designing and building the exhibits:

Water and Sounds/ Water Stair Electricity

Strictly speaking, it's not a tornado—but it's the closest thing to a real life Taz-The Tasmanian Devil


Sand and Sounds

Exquisite patterns emerge from salt scattered on a metal plate which is stroked with a bass fiddle bow, illustrating two dimensional vibration. Sand resonates to different frequencies to create different patterns. (click through for videos)


Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob´s Ladder#iconicladders The Ladder They Called Jacob's Ladder


Star in a  Jar

Air/Air Currents


Magnet Wheel/Electromagnetism and number 


Integrity Rag Rug



What is energy

Circuit electro magnetic exhibit

Fun with Numbers 3, 6, 9

Square root exhibit



Storm Drain and basket and mat mock up

Hair Matters – Hair, Fur and Fleece Donations

Excess Access Departments

Excess Access


Matter of Trust Programs and how they relate to the hub


Global Compost Project and how they relate to the hub

The Global Compost Project

The marco, micro and you

Clean air, clean water, clean energy, clean manufacturing

Information, Education, inspiration, transformation on MofT Wall

Natural light, open skylights, scrap, artist in residence program from Recology, Scrap, Building Resources

Making the invisibles visible and accessible

Expertise and finding passion for work