We are in the early stage of building Ecoland and here are some  of our brainstorming resources.  Feel free to post more ideas.

Ecoland may turn out to be the Hippiest place on Earth – a fun place where the public can go to learn and experience what life would be like if everything was made with ecological benefits in mind.
From cellar to roof, from garden to kitchen, from studio to neighborhood, from personal to global, from local to replicable…  Ecoland will conveniently provide visitors of all ages enjoyable insights into the possibilities for our childrens eco-futures.   We will work with artists and experts to provide an enchanting, useful and inspirational way to process what eco-living is like in the office, hallway, bathroom, baby’s room, factory, city, future…
 The plan is for a space set up for day tours and night event rentals, artists and ecologists in residence will be working on the space.  All elements from the construction materials to the furnishings will be bar coded and go with a phone app as well as signage so that visitors who see something they like can immediately choose to get emailed more info or vote with their dollars to be more eco in the following sectors:
Clean air
Edible gardens
Reduce & Reuse
High tech and low tech solutions
$-$$$$$ price ranges
Climate impact
and more…