With the levels of plastic in our waste streams rising every year, it is essential to explore ways to reduce and redirect the amount of plastic waste we are funneling into landfills.”Thirty-one million tons of plastic arrive at municipal solid waste facilities in the US each year, and only about 8% of that plastic is recycled.” Luckily, companies such as World Centric offer 3 different types of compostable food containers, all of which are made out of plants- virtually an indefinitely renewable resource. Since compostable food containers are made out of plant based raw materials, they require less energy, less water, and release less harmful pollution than their conventional petroleum based counterparts. Read more about the benefits of compostables.

Check out this whole list of compostable products offered by World Centric that you can purchase online. They even make clear deli containers (still derived from plants!) that can be put in the compost!