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Solar + Storage for Resilience

  There are over 6,000 photovoltaic systems installed on homes and businesses throughout San Francisco that will, for safety reasons, stop generating power when the grid is lost during an earthquake or storm event. Matter of Trust is the fiscal sponsor for this...

Excess Access

    HELP US TEST OUR NEW BETA DONATION SYSTEM!  IT IS UP AND RUNNING MATCHING GIFTS AND WISHES! NEW Free Exchange on our TO DONATE ITEMS & MATERIALS (including hair), please sign up today, it's fast, free and easy.  Thanks for your...

ECO-CENTER – Grab and Do’s at the Eco-Center – 2013 – 2016

Grab and Do’s is designed for Eco-Center visitors! Here we show several ways we can reuse manmade surplus and renewable resources to create useful items, gifts, works of art, and beautiful wrapping. Thanks to our restaurant partners on Valencia and Mission Streets...

Algae Blooms Used for Biofuels Production Feasibility Study

Since 2006, Matter of Trust has been the coordinator of this long-term research project studying the potential benefits of collecting suffocating algae blooms and using the lipids they contain for biofuels. We have partnered with Randall von Wedel, PhD, BioSolar Group...