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Matter of Trust’s Projects and Programs List

Here you will find a complete list of all of Matter of Trust’s active and ongoing programs, as well as their respective website links to learn more. Past programs can be viewed at the HUMSUM website.
Matter of Trust is proud of all that we’ve continued to accomplish and is looking forward to spreading more optomism and environmental solutions moving forward. Thank you for your interest.

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Our Clean Wave Programs makes mats out of donated hair fibers and cleans up oil spills.

Our model Eco-Home aims to help renters in urban areas live sustainably and offers open houses throughout the year. 

Our Global Compost Program aims to make composting available and easy to understand for everyone.


The ​Black Inmate Commissary Fund

  About BICF The ​Black Inmate Commissary Fund (BICF) is built upon the foundation of abolition of the current carceral state, which disproportionately affects Black communities. BICF’s mission is to divest from the current carceral state by reinvesting in the...

Solar + Storage for Resilience – 2014 – 2016

  There are over 6,000 photovoltaic systems installed on homes and businesses throughout San Francisco that will, for safety reasons, stop generating power when the grid is lost during an earthquake or storm event. Matter of Trust is the fiscal sponsor for this...

Excess Access

  The Excess Access program has morphed into our platform.  HELP US TEST OUR NEW BETA DONATION SYSTEM!  IT IS UP AND RUNNING MATCHING GIFTS, WISHES & MORE! TO DONATE ITEMS & MATERIALS (including hair), please sign up today,...

ECO-CENTER – Grab and Do’s at the Eco-Center – 2013 – 2016

Grab and Do’s is designed for Eco-Center visitors! Here we show several ways we can reuse manmade surplus and renewable resources to create useful items, gifts, works of art, and beautiful wrapping. Thanks to our restaurant partners on Valencia and Mission Streets...