Mission Statement

Our mission is to link surplus with needs, promote naturally abundant renewable resources, and create inspirational eco-spaces.

We provide systems for sorting recyclables and compostables into useful stockpiles. We focus on convenience, and ask households what they need most from community reuse programs. We gather perspectives from global industries in order to find motivations and new zero-waste opportunities. We advocate for efficiency and deconstructable designs.

We research manmade and organic materials, endorsing optimal choices. We collaborate with experts and develop solutions for clean air, water and energy. We supply eco-educational tools and offer incentives. We open-source our data, content, tutorials, curriculums and in-house media. We share positive environmental news and highlight innovations.

We operate and showcase our eco-factory, model home and urban edible gardens. We build publicly accessible hubs and visually intriguing exhibits.  We produce transformative events, organize impactful roundtables and embrace illuminating partnerships. We applaud peer-recognized abilities, effective communication and feedback loops at every level, within and between businesses. We support volunteers and mobilize campaigns. We encourage internships, celebrate apprenticeships and value mastery of high and low-tech skill sets. We champion the widespread advancement of green careers in all sectors. We rally enthusiasts of healthy living for mind, body, and soil.

Mother Nature is a catalyst and she is always in balance. She integrates the necessities for life into enduring cycles. She orchestrates matters on micro- and macrocosmic scales. We follow her lead and nurture what we DO want for the planet.

Vision Statement

We envision humanity harmonizing with Earth and resonating as mere matter of trust.


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