Mission Statement

Our mission is to link manmade surplus with those in need, to promote solutions involving naturally abundant renewable resources, and to produce eco-educational tools.

We identify and develop local and industrial recycling systems.  We organize global collaborations for sorting waste into useful material stockpiles, redistributing and manufacturing within communities.

We research ecological innovations, value skills, mastery and encourage in-house expertise.  We mobilize widespread support, and celebrate advances with enthusiasm!

We create programs, online tutorials, and environmental inspirations.  We disseminate positive eco-news, display informational, transformational exhibits that highlight green career paths and healthy lifestyle choices.

Mother Nature is a catalyst.  She is always in balance, orchestrating integrated, enduring cycles and providing for necessities.  Intentionally, we follow her lead and only concentrate on what we DO want for the planet.


Vision Statement

We envision an optimistic future where humanity harmonizes with the cosmos and embraces Earth as matter of trust.


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