For donation boxes (clothing, clipping of hair, fur, fleece, nylons, furniture, recycled materials etc.) please refer to each program for specific shipping instructions. We work with in-kind recipients throughout North America and beyond.  Most donations are matched between donors and recipients who live far away from our Matter of Trust.


NO Unsolicited DELIVERIES – Thanks – Sadly, large boxes of donations may get returned!

Matter of Trust Eco-Center
WE ARE MOVING to: Cole Valley Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, CA
1 (415) 252-1177
Visitor Hours 12-5PM     7 days a week (except major holidays)

These are not warehouses.  Please do NOT send unsolicited program donated items and materials to the office headquarters or the Eco-Center.
Thank you!


Office Headquarters
– Official Mailing Address for letters
Matter of Trust, Inc.
99 Saint Germain Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94114 USA

Office Headquarters General:   1 (415) 242-6041
Press: 1 (415) 235-2403
Funding: 1 (415) 235-2403
Matter of Trust Eco-Center:  1 (415) 252-1177

Fed ID #: 06-1530091

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