The Hum Sum FAQs

Answers to questions related to our Hum Sum platform. Learn more about giving GIFTs and making WISHES to receives donations, posting ECO-EVENTS, ways to show how you are planet friendly with ECO-COMMITMENTS, ambassadorships, and more!

For disaster relief and our global partner projects such as: Clean Wave Hair Mats for Oil Spills, wildfires Sonoma Food Runners etc.  also see links below for more specific FAQs.

Thank you for joining The Hum Sum – Humanity Adding Solutions!

What is The Hum Sum?

The Hum Sum is a platform dedicated to everyone offering suggestions and engaging in solutions for environmental challenges.

Our staff, interns and volunteer moderators are devoted to providing this space for practical, useful and planet-friendly posts. One that are spam-free, rant-free, and politics-free.

We encourage nonprofits, businesses, government departments, projects to set up profiles, add their urls, consolidate event calendars, wishlists, etc., and use this as a green directory.

Every day we can see how humanity is buzzing with growing activity. We want to map, count and collect all these good ideas working for a healthy and harmonious planet!

Also see our Intro Video and Homepage

What are Gifts and Wishes?

Spring Cleaning? Feeling overburdened by too much stuff?  

Post a Gift!

Or are you wishing you could find available free items and materials?

Post a Wish!

Just click the + (plus sign) to post once you are logged in.  It is very quick and easy. Add as many as you like.

Together we are all helping to sort waste into resources, which is good for both society and the environment.

You can also post services like  green jobs, repairs, and deliveries as well as funding.

Use this for at home and work, sign up is free.  Be sure to browse the galleries of what’s already here.  Check back in to your profile for responses and tax receipts.

How do I donate hair/fur/wool / fleece/fiber...?

Clean Wave program donations (even for a one time hair donation) are all through The Hum Sum.

We ask you to do this because we get a lot of wonderful fiber and our cottage industry mini-factories have limited space. Donations are matched with nearest addresses and emergency spill needs.

Hair must be 1 inch (2.5cm) or longer.

Please see our short VIDEO for instructions of how to send hair.

We also always need ponytails that are 5 inches or longer separated from short hair (these are for the mats’ scrims –  the lacy frameworks we fill in with shorter hair, fur, fleece etc.).

All fiber must be debris-free – no garbage, (pins, rocks, rubberbands, extension tips, cigarette butts, foil, food…  just pure hair, fur, wool, fleece… if we see trash we have to throw away the whole box, as it breaks the felting needles.

As shown in the VIDEO, steps for Posting a GIFT of fiber on our platform:

(create account if you don’t have one – it’s 30 seconds and we do not spam or share our database)

1) take photo of your GIFT if you can
2) sign up / login so we know your city etc.
3) click on the + (on desktop: sidebar bottom left, or on mobile: bottom center) 
4) Select Donate a Gift -> Clean Wave/ hair for oilspills -> type of fiber…
5) fill out form and click Publish

 You will be contacted within 72 hours by who nearest you can accpet the fiber.

Thank you!

What is an Eco-Commitment?

Do you ride the bus, walk to work, recycle, garden, shop for secondhand clothes or sell antiques? Plan to install solar, drive a hybrid car, have a green job training policy?

Post guestimates for what your household,  your business, your classroom, your nonprofit, your city department… plans to spend in time and/or funds on environmental choices.

Add your hours / expenses and grow tallies on this local to global map so that corporations and governments can see how important being planet-friendly is to society at large!

What are Eco Events?

Here, everyone can showcase inspiring examples for building Earth-loving societies. From climate summits to green building open house walking tours, celebrate eco-actions, great and small. Promote your restaurant’s climate-friendly menu, nonprofit’s volunteer day, school’s edible garden show, airport’s new recycling center, local shop’s sale on sustainable products, dog park’s model poo composting station, electric car parade, clean water art expo, bike-friendly neighborhood roundtable… Let’s gather momentum, build on each other’s ideas. The world is interested!

What are the Forums?

This is where we can get some real work done!

Let’s connect and discuss, peer to peer, boots on the ground, around the world, sector by sector,  how to tackle pollution, green job creation, sanitation, composting, recycled material stockpiles, renewable resources, protecting old growth forests, over-fishing, affordable housing, climate refugees… 

We know the complex answers are out there, lets get them connected, organized and heard!

What is FMV and Weight?

FMV stands for Fair Market Value or what is generally considered the price for an item or material.

Please note: Your tax deductible receipt may show an average, default FMV, however you are solely responsible for the depreciated amount of your donation that you deduct on your tax return.

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