AS THE Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues, frantic attempts are being made to protect the coast.

One of the ideas floated by San Francisco charity Matter of Trust was the use of human hair stuffed into stockings. The fibre-recycling organisation uses these natural “booms” to float on the water and absorb oil, and said it would dedicate most of its resources to the current disaster.

Hairdressers across the US began collecting their offcuts to add to the pile, and they weren’t the only ones. Orhan Nesvat of City Barbers on Queensferry Street also decided to help out: “I saw the news on TV and I thought I’d keep it in boxes, and I’m trying to find an address to send it to,” he says.

Orhan already has three kilos, but sadly it seems his efforts may be in vain. BP now says it doesn’t need the hairy help, as it is doing the job with something called sorbent boom, which is in plentiful supply.

Alternative uses for 3kg of human hair trimmings on a postcard…

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