Scientists say the threat of oil moving from the Gulf of Mexico to Florida and beyond is great.

There are some local businesses pitching in to help stop the flow.

The Hair Cuttery in Staunton jumped on board Tuesday, donating all its hair clippings to Matter of Trust’s Hair for Oil Spills program, an organization that is trying to create a natural cleanup for the spill.

Hair Cuttery Assistant Manager Gerri Robinson says one pound of hair can absorb one quart of oil. Robinson also says it can be used about100 times.

“People’s lives are at stake, peoples jobs. I mean I worry. This is very important to us. When there’s a tragedy, just a little bit will help someone go a long way so we have got to help. That’s what it means to me. Giving back and helping someone out. Nothing big, nothing fabulous, just helping people,” says Robinson.

She says each salon or barber will typically produce about a pound of hair, which can then be boxed and shipped for free.

Robinson has put out a challenge to other salons to help and donate their hair.