Hair’s a good idea.

As the federal government and BP bungle the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, two Williamsburg salons — one for humans, one for dogs — has come forward with a plan that’s just crazy enough to work: for the next month, all of their customers’ clip hair will be scooped up and sent to Louisiana to help to soak up the bubbling crude.

People looking to shave their domes can head to Woodley and Bunny on N. 10th Street at Driggs Avenue, where every Thursday this month, they can get a haircut for $10. Dog owners can take their canine to Dog Addiction on Berry Street between Grand and N. First streets, where discounts are available for grooming on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“Hair is a natural absorbent — it naturally soaks up oil,” said Misha Anderson, the owner of Woodley and Bunny. “That’s why we shampoo — to get the oil out.”

Once the hair absorbs the oil, it can even be strained and reused.

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