Captain Michael Kirsch of Temperance, Michigan was in working in the Gulf of Mexico when a BP oil rig exploded on April 20, 2010. Captain Kirsch was also at sea, about 45 miles away from the rig. It was just a typical day in the gulf, business as usual, he says he and his crew didn TMt see or hear anything unusual.

The Coast Guard placed a call to the ship asking if they TMd be able to assist. Captain Kirsch TMs boat was contracted out to another rig. The crew was unable to leave. But that didn TMt stop the oil spill from coming to them. We saw a sheen on the water, kind of like if you drop oil into a bird bath or a swimming pool, Captain Kirsch says stopping the large leaks is the first task. He isn TMt sure what can help absorb the smaller, film like particles which are not as easy to clean, mother natures probably going to do a better job of taking care of it than anything devised by us.

A more natural solution is on its way from Salon Hazelton. The Salons Perrysburg and Toledo locations are collecting hair clippings to assist with the clean up. So far they TMve been collecting a pound a day. Matter of Trust, an eco-friendly organization tells the salon where the hair is needed. Salon Hazelton sends it off where it is put into stockings or condensed into a hair mat. Alex Mason, a stylist at the Toledo location says the whole thing just makes sense to be cleaning it up with something that absorbs it instead of something that TMs oil based.

Captain Kirsch thinks it TMs a great idea. All the technology, gadgets| in the end that [human hair] just may be the thing that does it.

Captain Kirsch says his job has not been affected by the oil spill. He will return back to the gulf sometime this week.