Retail Store Interior

Legendary Alpacas of Texas – Maypearl, Texas

  • Working alpaca ranch
  • Seed Stock Producer
  • Education Farm
  • Mentor Farm
  • Retail store
  • Felting hub – pending

Legendary Alpacas of Texas is a 32-acre working ranch of show-quality Huacayan Alpacas that produce award-winning fleece year after year. Founder Gina Glasscock began pursuing her ‘Paca Passion in 2007 and now has over 60 alpacas and crias (babies) on the farm. Annually, Gina shears her herd, amassing Grade 1 and Grade 2 fleece and seconds, all of which is turned into consumer end-products, such as high-quality yarn, hats and scarves, custom rugs, and other home goods and clothing items, all of which are sold on-site in her retail store. She also collects and repurposes alpaca beans (waste) into a rich compost that is cultivated, aged, and then sold as high-quality fertilizer. Gina is an expert in alpaca genealogy and carefully tracks the lineage of current and prospective alpacas and their offspring for prime breeding opportunities that will ensure the long-term viability of the U.S. alpaca population and the integrity of best-in-class fleece. Legendary Alpacas of Texas offers alpacas for sale, for breeding, and for boarding and training and is recognized as a go-to resource for alpaca owners learning the business.