VIRGINIA BEACH — ‘It’s all our water,’ says Dave Dunlap as he sits in a salon chair. ‘We’ve got to take care of it, and if this helps, that’s the best way to do it.’

With his hair clippings falling to the ground at Sport Clips at Pembroke Mall, the hair’s final destination will be be theGulf of Mexico to assist with the clean-up of the massiveoil spill that’s taken place.

‘People across the country are doing this,’Dunlap notes. ‘It’s like one pound of hair picks upaquart of oil.’

The owners of the Sport Clips locations in VirginiaBeach, Chesapeake,Williamsburg, Hampton, and Newport News are donating the clippings from all their salons to Matter of Trust, a non-profit organization thatuses the hair in mats and booms that soak up oil fromspills and leaks.

‘It’s great. It’s just awesome, and I’mexcitedthat we canbe part of it,’ says MelissaBrooks, manager of the location at Pembroke Mall.

‘Typically, thisis hair that wouldgo into the dumpster,go into the trash every day,’ Brooks tells 13News. ‘Now, we’re able to turn that hair into something great.’

The owners plan to donate the clippings from the five salons indefinitely.