RIB MOUTAIN (WAOW)– Seven year old, Brennan Shaughnessy knows hair clippings usually end up in the trash can, but his clippings have a different destination. His hair will be swept up and shipped out to help absorb oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Employees at Fantastic Sam’s in Rib Mountain are working with a San Francisco based non-profit organization called Matter of Trust. According to the organizations web site, they stuff the hair in recycled nylons and use it like a sponge to soak up oil.

“Hair is naturally oil absorbing, so it’s really perfect for what its doing,” explains Assistant Manager, Brittany Ebbinger. When the Store Manager told her team about the project, helping out was a no brainer. “We think it’s a really great idea. Everyone wants to save the world and this is our part to help out!”

Each bag of hair weighs about 5 to ten pounds. The salons goal is to send about 500.

All the buzz reached workers at Petco Grooming Salon. “Once you think about it, and they bring it to your attention yea, I can understand that fur can absorb an awful lot of fur,” says Manager Leon Christiansen.

Now they’re collecting fur from canines, boxing it up and sending it out to help with the oil spill crisis.