This page shows past exhibits at our old site in San Francisco’s Mission District.  We leased this site for 3 years and then moved our charity out of this space and into 2 new ones.

For our new sites and exhibits please check out our Eco-Industrial Hub and our Model Eco-Home



The following Eco Center Exhibits provided information on Matter of Trust projects and can broadly be divided into three areas:

  1.  Surplus and Needs

Programs balancing surplus with needs

  1.  Naturally Abundant Renewable Resources

Programs celebrating how nature is abundant and always in balance

  1. Eco-educational programs at the Eco-Center:

Informational – Visitors that come in on average 15 minutes or less (browse the gift shop, tour the exhibits, grab our flyers or partner pamphlets) eco-influence is varied and harder to trace.

Educational – Stays over an hour during a field trip, class, lecture, panel, roundtable, B’Earthday party… provide participants with eco-literacy terms and being able to describe these programs and goals in your own words.

Transformational – inspirational eco-education (through programs, projects, summer camps, courses, green jobs, campaigns, mobilizations…) that promotes:

– small, personal eco-habit changes that accumulate over a lifetime

– trend setters to be eco-examples that ultimately create societal shift



Exhibits in the Matter of Trust Eco Center


Excess Access

Learn more and register for Excess Access, a free program that sorts and matches surplus with those who need it. Visitors to the Eco Center learn to post a wish and/or an item they want to give away.

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SayLoveCompost1 Global Compost Project

This exhibit served to promote the sorting and collection of organic wastes; aid production and spreading of compost; restore healthy soils around the world and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Join the fight against global warming and pledge here to sort your green waste!

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Hair Matters

Matter of Trust established the Hair Matters program to collect hair clippings and other waste fiber donations. We produce hair mats and “booms” (sausage shape), and coordinate with large-scale public efforts to clean contaminated waterways and storm drains.

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Luminalt Solar Panel


Solar powered charging dock, donated to Matter of Trust by Luminalt.

Luminalt is a San Francisco based solar installation company.

Visit Luminalt Website








Music Matters

Combining music education, environmental awareness, and creativity, Music Matters gave students the tools and instruction to build their own playable instruments out of reused materials.

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Vertical Urban Gardens

Using space saving urban planters we have created ways to promote nature in the city. Most of the material used to make these planters was reclaimed from thrown out furniture or pallets.

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Our greenhouse exhibit was made out of recycled water bottles donated to us by the community.

The structure currently houses seedlings and sprouts.








Grab & Do

Here we show several ways we can reuse surplus and renewable resources to create useful items, gifts, works of art, and beautiful wrappings.  

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Good Karma Exchange

Our solar powered wishing well! A great way to contribute if you are unable to volunteer your time.

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Green City Maps

Explore our maps exhibit to connect yourself to local foods: farmers markets, edible school yards, nearby organic farms, community gardens, and farm-to-table restaurants.

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Green Education Program

East Bay Depot has donated school supplies for educators.

Teachers were welcome to come in and take these supplies for free.

Visit East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse Website










Joyce’s Choices

Joyce’s Choices is a large and growing collection of news articles on eco innovations that help our environment.

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treeOfWisWisdom Tree

Tree of Wisdom is an interactive exhibit with inspirational quotes, and suggestions for solving environmental challenges made by the public.

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For those of you wondering “what is aquaponics?” – It is a food production system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment.

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 wormBin1Worm Composting

Worm composting is a form of aerobic composting that involves the use of specialized worms in addition to microorganisms to break down organic waste materials. It is also known as ‘vermicomposting’.  

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Live Animals

Zeus (our gecko), Touche, Ninja, & Donatello (our turtles).





store1 Eco Gift Shop

Our Eco Gift Shop in our Eco-Center, we stocked high quality goods made by people dedicated to sustainability.