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Apprenticeship through Matter of Trust is for those aged 18 years or older or with GED equivalent.
Matter of Trust is affiliated with a wide range of schools, non-profits, government organizations, and specialized environmental businesses. An apprenticeship is designed to develop a particular skill set that makes an individual excel in craftsmanship and green collar employment. Apprenticeships can be at Matter of Trust locations, work-from-home or with our eco-partners.


    Hands on - I'm not afraid to get dirtyOffice - I'm super organizedExhibits / Crafts / Art / Music / Film - I want to be a part of something creativeWeb Support - I am brilliant with computersEngineers - I can pretty much figure out how to make anythingPeople person - I’m happy helping at an Info Desk and Reception AreaForum Moderator - I have an Inner Hall Monitor that wants to be unleashedDelightful Docent - I’m outgoing & friendly. Love giving guided tours and herding field tripsTalkative Tammy - I want to tell everyone I come across about Matter of TrustInternational - Si, da, oui - I can translate your exhibits, flyers, website...into other languagesGift Shop - I can sell ice cubes in the North PoleExpert - I have a vocational / green job expertise and would like to share it with others at your Expert's WorkbenchI'd like to give an eco-course or lectureSpecial Events - I'm a planner & love details (Zero Waste Flash Mobs, FunRaisers, Good Karma Eco-Blasts…)Youth Activities - I am great with kids (tell us below if you have credentials, references, fingerprint / background clearance)Proofreader - I have a sharp eye and I'm not afraid to use it

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    MorningAfternoonWednesdaysEveningNightAll dayOther. Please let us know your ideal hours below:

    I accept the Matter of Trust Terms (see footer)


    Various qualities we are looking for in our interns:

    • “Do’er” identify what needs to be done and do it
    • Hard working
    • Creative problem solving
    • Patience
    • Friendly/Outgoing
    • Willingness to listen to other’s ideas
    • Good with crafts, skills, handy work
    • Good with kids
    • Likes to write/proofread
    • People person, likes to give tours
    • Conscientiousness and custodianship
    • Good with computers/design
    • Other…

    Application process: 

    To request an apprenticeship please fill out the APPLICATION
    and send in a 250-word minimum APPRENTICESHIP REQUEST letter that includes:

    • Which top 3 qualities from the list above describe you best for this job
    • Describe a day in your life 15 years from now. Dream  big!
    • How do you see this program helping you further your career goals?
    • Why is interning for an ecological nonprofit like Matter of Trust a good fit for you?
    • Are you currently active in the environmental movement? How?
      Please email your application and letter to

    Supporting documents:

    Please attach the following documents to help us identify your compatibility with Matter of Trust and so we can learn more about you!

    Upon review we will call to follow up with any questions we may have and to request an interview.