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Looking for eco-education and inspiration for your students? Our new eco-industrial hub in San Francisco is open — and we invite all students from Bay Area schools, day care centers, youth-based organizations, and home schools to join us for a field trip of eco-exploration.

Our Matter of Trust experts have developed a curriculum with engaging, hands-on activities that promote environmentally conscientious solutions. You can book our regular tour (which lasts about an hour), or we are happy to customise your field trip to suit your specific needs.


Our Eco-Industrial Hub Tour

  1. Introduction: the Eco-Industrial Hub and its purpose
  2. Why Matter Matters: the latest eco-innovations in partnership with the Biomimicry Institute
  3. Clean Air: our partnerships with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Inyenyeri
  4. Clean Water: delve into its importance with plastics
  5. Matter of Trust’s Clean Wave Program: what we do with your hair
  6. Clean Energy:  comprehensive proposals to reverse global warming
  7. The Invisible Made Visible: what happens to all the trash?
  8. All Sorts: discuss universal recycling symbols
  9. What is Energy? Science in action
  10. Matter of Trust is 20: explore our timeline

We are also happy to develop a customized field trip with you that suits your specific curricular needs.


Field Trip Hours:

Monday through Friday 11:00 am–3:00 pm


Matter of Trust Eco-Industrial Hub, for address and directions, click here.


Email team@matteroftrust.org or stop by our Eco-Industrial Hub to talk with our staff about scheduling your class’s visit.

Lisa giving tour of Eco-Hub.
http://matteroftrust.org/volunteer Student volunteers prepping fiber for machines. PLEASE NO DEBRIS IN BOXES! Bad for volunteers and bad for needle punch machines.


Book your trip

Download our field trip contract here


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