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Leeds hair to be used to mop up US oil spill – May 2010

A Leeds hairdresser is at the cutting edge of plans to save the Gulf Of Mexico from environmental disaster. Human hair from a Headingley salon is being used to mop up the damage caused by a ruptured oil well which threatens to spill over and destroy the coastline in...

Staunton Business Helping with Gulf Oil Cleanup

Scientists say the threat of oil moving from the Gulf of Mexico to Florida and beyond is great. There are some local businesses pitching in to help stop the flow. The Hair Cuttery in Staunton jumped on board Tuesday, donating all its hair clippings to Matter of...

Weatherford hair helps soak up oil spill – May 2010

Say what? How can boxes of leftover hair come to the aid of one of the worst U.S. oil spill in history? The answer is, hair absorbs natural skin oils, that’s why we wash it. So why not petroleum? It’s really not such a hair-brained idea. Weatherford Sport Clips...