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In-Kind Giving – Donate Items

Excess Access is our online, free, fast and easy service that matches gift postings with wish lists. Everyone is welcome! Please check it out!


Endorsements & Social Networking

We also love endorsements from experts and celebrities in all sectors.  If you’re enjoying any of our programs and willing to let us name drop, please send us an email.

Mutual Links, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Word of Mouth
We try to get our word out as much as possible; all assistance is greatly appreciated. Please follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook, check out our vlogsand subscribe to our youtube channels.


Grassroots Projects & Fiscal Sponsorship

We love to partner with other nonprofits and new eco-projects. We enjoy incubating ecological groups; if you’re interested, please drop us a line.

Also, post wishes for furniture and supplies through our free Excess Access program. It can help save your funding dollars for your core mission.


Excess Access Program

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